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Sand storm and war

From: "Melvin Justin" <njustin@juno.com>
To: <tungmichael@rogers.com>
Subject: Re: About your dream
Date: Saturday, March 22, 2003 4:20 PM

Dear brother Tung,

So sorry that I haven't been able to check my e-mail for sometimes. Yes, I had shared with Ron about the dreams I had almost a month before it got started.

First dream == it was two in the morning, I was screaming in my sleep.I was scared, and that woke my husband up and he wanted to know what had happened. I told him that I dreamed about the fierceness of the war. It was in the desert and the war vehicles with tanks are fighting and the dust was blowing at times so thick that visibility was zero. I have never seen anything like this. Very scary fight and very thick dust blowing in the air.

Second dream ==was two weeks before the war started. I was again awakend early morning, to be exact, three in the morning. I was really scared again and woke my husband up and told him about it. I saw war again and fire balls going up in the air, fire balls coming from all over it seemed, I saw it was dark night, but with the fire balls, the sky was lightened. It is very hard to explain with limited language the fearful scene.

My husband and I got up from our sleep and started to pray. Our continuous prayers are with you and for your ministry for Jesus.

With best wishes, Nihar 

War on the land and sea

From: "Melvin Justin" <njustin@juno.com>
To: <tungmichael@rogers.com>
Subject: Re: Psalms 23, Psalms 46
Date: Tuesday, September 10, 2002 8:33 PM

Dear friends, I would like to share this dream, which I had several months ago. I was awakened early morning around 2:30.  I saw in my dream that terrible war was going on---I was shown in a panoramic view of the war and people-- I saw how people were trying to run and take shelter in the camps and tents and many were getting killed on the land.  People were just fleeing for safety.  In the midst of all this, I was shown an opened Bible and I was encouraged to read Psalms 23.

Again, in the same dream I saw that in the big water, like ocean, there were big ships.  It looked like they were fighting ships.  I remember seeing very clearly two huge fighting ships with dead soldiers on top, it looked like that there was no one to move these ships on the water. These soldiers seem to be white U. S. soldiers.  These vessels were still floating on the still water. At that moment while I was still staring at these ships and people, I was told to read Psalms 46.

I have shared this dream with my husband and with Ron Johnston.  I have often about this dream and wondered what it means.  I know and believe that in God's timing, He will make things plain and clear before our eyes.  There might be a war on the land and sea in the future.  It is possible.

Oh friends, be faithful to Jesus.  Cling to His promises and follow Him all the way.  All the prophecies must fulfill before Jesus comes. Please continue sharing the good news of Jesus our blessed Saviour. May the good Lord continue to be with you and guide you all the way.  With much prayer.  Nihar Justin

A place of safety

From: Nihar Justin
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2002 06:09:30 -0500


It is five in the morning. I am encouraged and impressed in my mind to share this dream with you, which I had sometime ago.

In a dream, I saw that I was in a house along with several other people and there were some children also. This house was in a mountainous and wooded area. This was an ordinary old house. Time of the day was in the afternoon.

Through the little holes in the window and door, we could see that there are some soldiers with guns in their hands standing and hiding themselves in the the valleys of the mountains. They were ready for the order to shoot and kill, but they were waiting for it to get dark. We were told that they were hiding themselves from the people, waiting for the sun to set and for the shooting order from their commanding officer to kill God's people.

Soon, it was going to be evening time and sun would set. We were told to leave this place and hide.  I saw myself getting out of this house and secretly, without the notice of these hidden soldiers walking through the long grasses and weeds and shrubs along the mountain sides. I could see some of the soldiers, but they could not see me, trying to escape from them.

Finally, after sometime, I was able to reach to a mountain, on the side of this mountain was a river, and full of water and it was very calm. So, I started to climb this mountain, crawling most of the way. I saw on top of this mountain, there was a shelter, I reached there. I found out that this shelter is made out of steel all around. Has a steel door and gate. I had to bend down to be able to enter through that door, and then the door was shut. I saw table and a cot (bed). On the table, I saw " a loaf of bread, and a glass of water". Only word I heard that "You are safe here." I was tired, and I saw myself sitting on that cot and resting. I woke up and couldn't sleep rest of the night.

I shared this dream with my husband. All the dreams and other experiences that I have had in my life, first person I have shared with is my husband.

As the Lord impresses on my heart and mind to share some of these dreams and experiences, I am sharing them with you. Hoping and trusting that it will help someone in life to trust in God more and have faith in Him more everyday.

We are in a journey. Heaven is our destination. We are pilgrims here. Keep trusting in the Lord, He will guide us lead us in every step of the way.

May God bless you.

Nihar Justin


Some time ago, I was awakened at 2:30 in the morning. In my dream I saw that I was walking alone in the late afternoon in little town.  As I was walking, I was looking around, and I saw that there were several lines of apartments. These apartments were all empty. No one seemed to be living there.  It was getting a little scary to me, but I kept on walking, then I saw that an elderly couple in their 80's were standing holding the rails of one apartment building's veranda (like a little hallway). I saw them looking at a distance. I kept on walking, and I saw that there was a huge open dome with a roof and a big post in the middle going from top to bottom.  There were no sidings to this dome (building).  I heard some groaning and moaning, I
could smell bad odour. I got a little closer, and then I saw that there was a pile of people thrown one on top of the other, men and women, in a huge pile.  They were in dirty clothes, and some didn't have any.  Some were still moving a little, but life was almost gone. When I saw this, I got quite scared, didn't know what was going on, and it was late in the evening; the sun was about to set.  I saw myself standing by these people, helpless, I was wondering what was going on. 

A voice spoke to me softly, saying," Immoral lifestyle".  I woke up from my dream and shared this dream with my husband.

I believe that world's darkest hours are ahead of us.  We must share the "Good news" with others, when the daylight is still on.

God bless you and your family.    Nihau Justin

May 2002

Nihar saw in a dream horrible storm, with strong winds and heavy rain. Very strong winds with branches blowing all over. It was so real she thought it was storming outside as she awakened. Melvin told her it is not storming outside.

Two days later in Weslaco the drought was broken by an unexpected storm. For the first time in Weslaco's history the tornado warnings were sounded. A lot of damage in the area. The storm came quickly, and was unexpected. Trees were uprooted, roofs blown off and large hail broke out windows. Several tornadoes touch down. Streets were flooded. My wife Connie called from town she was up to her knees in water and was unable to get the car out.

As stated by Ron Johnston

From: "Nihar Justin" <njustin@juno.com>
To: <thefreecompany@earthlink.net>; <tungmichael@rogers.com>; <ronjohnston1@juno.com>
Subject: Re: introduction
Date: October 30, 2004 6:47 AM

Dear brother Gary !
Yesterday I wrote you the dream I had. I need to make it clear how I
knew about New York. While I found myself standing by this big open card
board box with white powdery stuff in it, I heard very clearly ---
Anthrax---- New york. Immediately after that I saw a tall big person's
hands with two red danger signal lights holding up and waving back and
forth-- it was late in the evening.
I don't know the meaning. I woke up and I was quite worried and I shared
this dream with my husband and later with Ron. I hope that I was able to
clear your question you had about this. Nihar

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