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From: Nihar Justin
Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 23:23:43 -0500
Subject: Re: Sharing more Testimonies


Just sharing a few more Testimonies to glorify God's name. I do not claim to be anyone, except a "Child of God", and that is all the title I have, and I like to keep it that way.

It was 1990----dream woke me up early in the morning---- I saw that it was Sabbath morning. My husband and I went to church. It was Sabbath school time and at that time I was secretary for the Sabbath school. I was getting the Sabbath school supplies and my husband was helping me. I heard beautiful music and beautiful singing in the church. It was so good. Organ and piano were playing--everything was just beautiful. Outside, the weather was just beautiful too -- sunshine and bright.

All of a sudden, it got very dark outside and inside the church building. Couldn't see anything even with artificial lighting. I got worried and scared. My husband and I were able to get out of the building. I showed my tithe check to my husband and told him that I want to go inside the church and said that I will be able to find my way there in the dark.

You can almost touch and feel the thickness of darkness. I couldn't see anyone in front of me, but there was a beam of light and with that light I could see that there were many people standing outside the church building. They were talking to each other and with scared look on their face, and asking, “Is this the end of the world?” I told them that this is not the end and kept on walking. All the beautiful music in the church had stopped. I was able to find my way through the darkness into the front door. I saw people in the church were standing with open song books in their hands and piano and organ players were in place with their hands on keyboard. The church was packed, but it had no sound of music. I was able to see all this with the light. I saw myself walking inside the church and saying, "please don't stop singing" -- keep on singing -- I heard, someone said, what do we sing? I started singing -- " TURN YOUR EYES UPON JESUS" and everyone joined with me in singing. I woke up from my dream. This dream bothered me a lot of not knowing what it meant. Later, I was realized that we should sing by memory and not depending on piano, organ or songbook.

Time is coming, when we will not have access to songbooks, piano or organ. Therefore, we must learn the songs and sing from memory and heart and still be able to praise God through singing.

It seems that we depend too much on the written words (Songs) and instruments. I personally believe, we need to encourage our people and ourselves to sing from your heart and learn the words now, so that when time comes in the very near future, we will be able to sing like Paul and Silas in jail cell and be able to comfort each other and praise God's name.

You might wonder by now, how I met my husband, Melvin, and got married. I am going to share this experience, hoping to help some young people in life and learn to depend upon God in choosing the LIFE PARTNER.

In the year l965, January, at the age of seventeen, I came to Karachi, Pakistan, with my parent’s approval to continue my fourth year midwifery training in Nursing in our Seventh-day Adventist nursing school.

Earlier by three years, when I had applied for the nursing training in Karachi, the school, saying that I have to be seventeen years old, rejected my application.

I didn't want to wait till I was seventeen to start my nursing school. I convinced my parents to send me to the Nursing school in Dacce Medical school of Nursing in East Pakistan (Bangladesh). This school was not an
Adventist school. So, I applied there and they called me for an interview. They told me that they usually don't take anyone in nursing under seventeen years, but it I pass the interview, then they would accept me in the nursing school.

So, it was two days journey by steamboat from our home to Dacca. My parents brought me to Dacca for the interview. I passed the interview and they accepted me in the three nursing program and the fourth year is only for special midwifery training. Out of l40 students 70 were selected for the nursing school that year. I finished my high school at the age of fourteen. Anyway, I was able to finish my nursing in East Pakistan and passed the State Board. So, when I turned seventeen, with the help of the S.D.A. President of East Pakistan and with my parents consent I was able to come to Karachi Seventh - Day Hospital and work there for a while. We did not have any Seventh - Day Adventist hospital in Bangladesh.

This is where I met my husband's sister, who was the church schoolteacher. Her name is Maxine, and also met my husband's youngest sister, Beulah; she was a staff nurse at the hospital.

My aunt, Doreen, my mom's youngest brother's wife lived in Karachi. She was one of the Nursing instructor and supervisor there. She was second to my mom in my life. She was very kind and loving. I was in a foreign
land, didn't know the language of the people, except English. I worked in the hospital and clinic for a while before I started my fourth year midwifery program. I was only able to finish nine months training instead of twelve months on that, I got married without finishing my fourth year training.

Anyway, one day Maxine, Melvin's sister had a picture on her table (two guys picture). I asked, whose pictures were those, she said that they are "my brothers"--Melvin and Maxwell--. So, she asked me, which one did I like? I picked Melvin's picture. He was a Theology Graduate from Spicer Memorial College in India and was presently teaching in Chuharkana Adventist School and Seminary for last few years.

However, from the time I was a young girl, I used to pray to God that someday He will help me to find a man to marry, who would be just like my father's nature even his complexion, but he should have MUSTACHES, older
than me and with more education than mine and above all he has to be a Seventh-day Adventist. These were my demands and request to God. Now, I was in a strange land, no relative, except my aunt and her family. Many a times I felt quite lonely and lost, but I know that there was God who cared about me and loved me and He will answer my prayers someday in His own timing. In the meantime, I was able to learn the language a little and was able to communicate with my patients a little better.

One day, Maxine told me that her brother, Melvin was planning to come to Karachi during his Christmas vacation to visit. Now, Chuharkana, where Melvin was teaching, it was 500 miles away from Karachi. Anyway, I started praying to God again, saying "Dear God, if this is the man that I am suppose to get married to then, he must come on December 23, and if he doesn’t' come on that day then he is not the man for me." I had full confidence in God. I had no doubt in His promises.

Guess what! It was Friday evening, December 23rd. I was coming back from the cafeteria, and going to the dorm, I saw this man standing in front of our dorm's lawn with a beautiful black suit on. I looked at him, at once I recognized him that I have seen him somewhere. I didn't say anything to him, but just walked inside the dorm to my room. Melvin had met all the requisition that I had been praying for since my childhood. In my heart I knew that someday, I was suppose to get married to this man.

Later that evening, Maxine came to me and said that Nihar! Do you know that my brother, Melvin is here today? Well, I didn't have to say much to her. Later that evening, we met, and went for VESPER service with Maxine, Beulah and Melvin. Next day, he proposed me, saying, if I would marry him. I told him that he had to ask my parents for their consent.

To make long story short, His father, who was the Punjab section president (Like conference president here) at that time asked my parents for their permission for the marriage. My parents asked my brothers and with their approval sent one of my brothers (who is three years older than I am) with the letter to Melvin's parents. This particular brother, Alfred, lived with my parents at that time in Bangladesh. Melvin's father was the Punjab section president for 25 years.

At the age of l9, I was married in Karachi, in l967. We had a grand wedding. Melvin's parents never made me feel that I was a stranger in their land. My father-in-law's love toward me was as equal as my biological father's love. I was married in a family that loved God supremely. Melvin has three sisters and two brothers. They all accepted me as their own and loved me.

A year later, Melvin was ordained into Ministry, and then worked in the Union. He did teaching, preaching and chaplain's work, and then in July l972 we came to Unites States of America. I have often told my husband that I loved him a lot, but not more than GOD.

Year l972. My family lived in Pakistan until July l6th of that year. In May of that year, I was awakened by a dream early in the morning: ---- I saw that I was walking in wooded area--no one else, I could see there. As I was walking, it was getting later in the day, and I started to get afraid and I couldn't find my way out. I was afraid of the surroundings and also afraid of the wild animal that I might face.

Sun was about to set in the west. I kept on walking, not knowing where I was going. I really was scared, just then, I saw a cart pulled by oxen in front of me, and on that cart, I saw "JESUS” sitting on it, he had white clothes on. He looked at me and said "FOLLOW ME". I followed to cart and started singing the song "I WILL FOLLOW THEE MY SAVIOUR"==. Then I saw a road and a beautiful house on the side, and when I looked back, the cart with JESUS was not there anymore. I woke up from my sleep and dream and shared this with my husband, and told him that surely GOD will lead us out of here soon.

During the time of war between East and West Pakistan in l970-l972, I had no correspondence with my parents. They lived in Bangladesh. I couldn’t know if my parents were still alive for two long years. During the war each country were exchanging people for their own people.

Prior to this, my husband was pastoring the church in Peshawar, Pakistan--- about l5 miles from Afghanistan border. That was the only Seventh-day Adventist Church in Peshawar. Only 4% people are Christian in Pakistan and 96% are Muslims. 

It was not our intention or plans to come to United States of America, but it was in God's plan. The war broke out between two countries-- war is not a good sight--lots of families got separated due to their country of birth. We had two children. My husband and kids were considered Pakistani and I was considered as a prisoner of war, because of my birthplace was in East Pakistan (Bangladesh). At that time, lots of people were being kept in tents and then they were exchanged for Pakistani born people that lived in Bangladesh. We tried to approach the highest official in the country to get for me Pakistani Citizenship, but I was told that if they did for one person, then they have to do for others, therefore, my petition was rejected. My husband and I continued to pray not knowing what step we should take next. 

During this time, I applied for a nursing job in New York. I received a job acceptance letter in Rhode Island hospital. My husband resigned his pastoral job. Our Union President tried to help us to get out of the country also. Anyway, God wanted to show us that God would lead us out of the country as a family unit. God intervened in our situation and helped us out to come out of the country and still now He is watching over us and providing every need in our live. I can't write every detail how God has led us out, it will take many more pages to write, but please remember that God loves you and cares for His children. Have faith in God and trust in His Words.

Trust in God. Believe in God's leading in your life. Pray and believe in GOD'S WORD. Dedicate your life to God, and love Him above everything and above everyone in your life.

With best wishes,

Nihar Justin

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