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I feel compelled and impressed to share these experiences with you.

12 years of age I  dream of a ladder reaching earth to heaven. A women took me by the hand as we were climbing  the ladder and she was talking to me and she held my hand as we were walking up the ladder.  I looked up and saw it was a distance yet.  I asked the women how long will it take to reach up there? She looked at me and said that we will reach on the 7th day .

Years later in Bangladesh which was East Pakistan at that time. I was in a Christian library I saw a picture of the women and it reminded me of my dream I had years ago. I asked the person at the library who this was? And he said it was Ellen G. White.

In 1972 there was war between east and west Pakistan.  I was from East Pakistan and Melvin was from West Pakistan.  I was now in West Pakistan and was considered a prisoner of war and could not get out of the country. I dreamed that Jesus would lead Melvin and I out of Pakistan with our children. We sold everything and  made arrangements to come to USA.  Melvin and I and children purchased a airline ticket we  went to the airport at Lahore first and then at 2am we went to  the main airport in Karachi Pakistan. We were in line at the airport gait, they asked for 60 rupees for airport fee and at that time we did not have Pakistani currency with us. There was a man standing ahead of us looking at Melvin I asked him to ask the man for the money not knowing who he was. The man gave the amount to Melvin we needed. On the plane we flew to New York. Melvins sisters were waiting at the airport in New York. Melvin wanted to return the money to the man who had loaned us the 60 rupees. The man told Melvin he gave him the money thinking he was a policeman at the airport, God had made Melvin appear to the man as a police man therefore the man would have given Melvin any amount of money.  the man was a Doctor and doctors could not leave the country at that time. 

All Biblical texts presented to me are repeated three times and all come from the king James version of the Bible.

 In 1991 a voice spoke to me at 02:30 in am. Saying read Philippines 4:1,3,4. Was repeated three times. The same voice spoke to me two months later to read Jeremiah 1:8 02:30 am was repeated three times.

1991 in Wesalco Texas July 17, 1991 Read Isaiah 6 same voice spoke then there was a  pause  72 mentioned. Repeated three times by same voice at 02:30 am. Melvin shared this with the Sabbath class trying to understand the message. Ron Johnston was one student it was his first time as a member in class. 

Ron discovered 72 days from July 17, 1991 ends up on Sept 27, 1991 that is 72 backward. Isaiah tells the people to repent or a destruction is coming to waste the cities and lands. Ron did not understand. Two weeks after this Ron was wakened and told by a voice "Ron" it is for the best. Ron did not understand what this means.

August 8, 1991 Same voice said at 11:45 in a dream Revelation is an open book, read it.

August 9th 1991 Same voice said read Revelation 7 and 8.

August 12th 1991 3:30am  in the am I saw in a panoramic view of wars I said I do not understand. A voice spoke to me saying read Daniel 11. After this I saw a field with many people standing. They were looking at something with fear on their faces. I do not understand this.

August 14, 1991 I saw a hole in the sky with a glorious light coming through it. The light was a very powerful light.

Aug 16, 1991 3:30 in the afternoon a voice spoke to me, to read early writings. I said what page do I read. The voice said open. I opened the book starting with the three angels messages. When I opened the book the title of the chapter was Third angels message. The voice said read it.

Aug 18th 1991. 4pm in the kitchen, the  same voice said read Testimonies to minsters laying on our table in living room. The voice said open the book. The book opened to Ezekiel 33, the voice said read it. A strong light was focus on that text as I read it.

Aug 22, 1991. I saw Exodus 20, I was shown the Commandments of God. We are to keep the ten commandments, a very bright light was focused on the word Sabbath.

 Aug 26 1991 awakened 4:30 in the am.  I was shown a stone cut diagonally in half, with three corner.  A Cross was on top of the rock. on the bottom of the rock three stars and at a distance,  many people standing at a distance to the rock. It started out as big square stone cut in half, so it now had three corners.

 Sept 8 1991 I was told older ministers are to go with young ministers two by two. I saw two men walking through the field an older and younger man. I asked how come two men?

Sept 18, 1991 Study Exodus 20 a special light shown on the Sabbath commandment. Remember the Sabbath day.

Sept 23, 1991 I saw Ron sharing the Sept 27 date thinking something was to happen. Many people believed Ron and thought it was real. I saw in the night Ron very discouraged .  I saw a storm coming the winds were blowing.  The angel told me to "encourage Ron".  And then I was told after Sept 27 "many changes will take place".  Ron very upset and discouraged. Ron said later, he was upset and discouraged because he was studying with people and nothing happened, and no explanation. Ron wanted an explanation and answer right away! But no explanation was given us for 7 long years. Ron figured it out with Gods spirit and leading what the angel was saying 7 years previous to this time.

Dec 1991. I was shown people being beaten and tortured. They were very simple people. I was scared what I saw going on, they were in camps being beaten and given hard labor.  Some  were giving food and water secretly , if they were found helping they were also beaten. I was scared when I saw all these persecutions. I was shown a big number 1625. Later I learned from Lewis Walton this was the last date persecution stopped in America. There was persecution here in USA up until 1625 until Roger Williams gave freedom.

Lewis Walton pointed out the religious persecution here in America occurred up until 1626 when with the help of Roger Williams persecution stopped.  History will be repeated again.

Jan 1992 I saw Jesus sitting on the throne, he was almost standing, 3/4 standing with a cane in his hand.

Feb 1992 I saw a path made of thick glass, I saw one high wall on my right hand side. The path lead to a beautiful golden building like an entrance to city. The building was pure Gold.  I was walking on the street I could see through it. It was like walking on glass with a lot of glittering with no artificial light. On my left hand side I could see a pond full of water.  On the left side of the pond a huge tree with branches reaching to the other side of the pond almost reaching the other side. The tree was beautiful green leaves. The water in the pond was calm and still.

In 2000 I saw a large building with many of God people, called Israel, 12 chosen men were given a white sheet of paper and a clip board they were told to write on the paper the sins of Israel. After the 12 chosen men finished writing about Israel sins they were to walk to the tent were 13 chairs were, it was night and they were to sit on the chairs and write the sins of the common people that were gathered in the tent. I was told to read Joshua 7.

In June 2001 I saw a dream of a deer with anteliers huge standing by water . I saw Bush and Goverbech trying to break His horns. The deer would not move at all. Ron found the deer in Song of Solomon it represents Christ. I saw fighting and war and ships. The angel showed me Psalms 23 and 46. He told me read this. I saw bush meeting with Gorbechev three months before Bush called Gorbechev to the white house. I saw the Arab world meeting and calling for Holy Jihad. I saw American boy in lines to sign up for war.

In 2002,  In a dream in May  I was told by a voice Ralph Myers study prophecy was right, I saw all his type written work. I called Ron to tell him Ralph was correct on Revelation 17.

2002 I saw Ron passing out CD's and also Mark Finley. Later Ron showed me his CD's on audio and later he added Mark Finley to his web site. I was shown this before Ron set it up.

Nihar Justin


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