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Gospel to Jews, this suggestion seemed absurd. Jesus is Jew. Israelites should under stand Jesus more than us. Has the Jews changed after two thousand years?

Recently I have to send my wife to seminar every Sunday afternoon near a Jewish territory. I have to wait for her two hours with nothing to occupy me. Gospel to Jews came to my mind. One Sunday, I went to the fast food area of a mall to hang out Gospel bookmarks. One old person complains I was disturbing people and warned me to going away; otherwise, he would call the security to take me out. A black woman sat behind him started quarrel with him. He said gospel should be done only in the church. The black woman fired her back by saying: “God is every where.” I didn’t bother with them and continued with my work. I went to a group of children. They said they were Jewish and refused my gift. Then came security and send me out of the mall. At the door, I met another group of children; they declared they are Jewish and put my gospel message in the litter box.

Next Sunday, I went to an outdoor plaza to do evangelism. I hang out gospel souvenir to a Jewish family. The father advised the two sons to refused my gospel. The father later came over to me and warned me not to gospel in the Jewish territory. I wondered around the plaza and found a Jewish church office. At the window, displayed lots of brochure and flyers. One flyer said: if you want to become a Christian, come in and discuss with us first. I doubted what was it about and rang the bell to get in. A Pharisee rabbi came out to interview me.

I asked him if they believe Jesus is the messiah? He said no.

Then I asked if they are still waiting for a messiah to come? He answered yes.

I asked how many Jewish denominations are there. He answered four. Only one denomination believes God inspires the bible. They do not believe trinity.

I asked if they believe the bible. He said that they believe only the Old Testament.

I asked: “the Old Testament had few hundred prophecies fulfilled on Jesus. Why didn’t Jews believe Jesus is the person they are waiting for?” He answered: “Those prophecies are not discussing on Jesus. It is only some people pulling them on Jesus.” He continued: “Jesus is only a person, there were many people crucified as Jesus, in Roman times. That is why the disciples said he has to come back again”

I asked again: “ Do you believe eternal life?”  The rabbi said: “ There is no eternal life, when people died, the soul goes to God.”

I carefully asked again: “ The Jews were spread all over the world when the temple was downed by the Romans. Then, they were massacre by Hitler. This is because they wanted to crucify Jesus and agreed to let the retribution be on their descendents.” He explained: “ Matthew 27:25 His blood be on us, and on our children is nothing to do with the Jewish migration around the world.”

I terminated my discussion because there isn’t much point to be continued. I concluded the Jewish view on Jesus had no change after two thousand years. They beside continued to deny Jesus; they are also well organized to prevent people knowing Jesus, as Paul did before he repent.

My conclusion doesn’t mean we can stop gospel to the Jews. In fact, we have to sown more seed on them. It won’t be long for the False Christ to come. The Jews will recognize this impersonated Satan is the messiah they are looking for. They will regret and repent when they are persecuted. Our errand today is to gospel to them even though they refuse. At the appropriate time, the seed will germinate.

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