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If you do not advertise on starting a new business, you wonít get much business. Advertising costs lots of money. Similarly on building web sites, you would not get many visitors unless you promote it. There are many ways to promote your web site, such as telling your friends to visit it, email your website link, sending out flyers, souvenirs, letters, advertise on newspapers, TV, and etc, and etc. There is another very important way which many people do not understand, is to put links of your website on search engines. These search engines works similar to yellow page. There are thousands of search engines, but only few of them are commonly used. Using search engines is amazingly helpful. Therefore, it is much more cost effective than using any other methods.

To make a totally new web site searchable on major search engines costs lots of money, especially on commercial web sites. Even if you have paid an extensive fee, it wonít help much if you are not on the top list. An alternative way is to suggest your web site to search engines and request them to link it for free. This method is limited to non commercial web sites. These search engines will have volunteers browse your website. They would look at your web contents and decide if you are qualified for this free service. Many of these volunteers are Christians. Therefore, a Christian web server will receive special treatment. In the beginning, because of disturbances caused by hackers, they refused to link us. Upon building tight security firewall, we finally got the recognition by all search engines. Our pastor said our firewall is the firewall that separated the Israelites from the chasing of Egyptian on Red Sea crossing. Isnít it wonderful the computer industry borrow terms from the bible?

SDA Global on line since 1999. Our commitment was turned over to God and trusted Him since. The number of visitors to our web site has been geometrically increased that makes our single server unable to handle the traffic. We expanded it into virtual system, which will have the capability near unlimited capacity. Through the blessing of God, our websites are searchable through all major and minor search engines. Many universities and organizations relay our messages too. As bonus, our commercial web sites get the free ride with God as well. Periodically and quite frequently, search engines will browse our contents and update the links. They even notify us if there is any error. We have not paid any fee for these services. This is a miracle. Our commercial section is a gift from God.

Hosting commercial web sites were in our strategy to raise money for gospel. It has been ignored for a long time because there are too many competitors. The competition is so bad that even our free services for gospel websites are unable to compete with free web space provided by commercial web providers. Our sites are commercial free. We want our visitors have the same feeling of entering a church. Those free commercial web space has annoying advertising. Many of them have pop up windows. Some of them provide free software, which are indeed spy ware and ad ware. Many computers were damaged by those free stuffs. Many faithful Christians can not distinguish the quality, ignoring our free services and went for those web spaces full of sinful commercials.

We have put raising fund on low key to avoid criticism within the church. We have indeed a classified advertising site with very reasonable rate and also have the capability to run independent commercial sites for any business. The operating cost of our servers is very low that we do not have to raise any money for it. We have provided some services such as installing satellite dish for 3abn, auto air conditioner recharge, and etc to raise money for printing bookmarks, calendars, flyers, and purchase bibles. We have also successfully raised some fund to help built several churches. Recently, we have several self support ministries request our support. We are also on the study stage of launching satellite TV and internet TV on multiple languages. On shortage of fund, we recall God had already given us a bonus that could raise unlimited fund for His own work. It is only because we have put it aside. Even our very own Adventist can not see its potential. If you have any use of our web services, we can help you to build a successful business while you contribute some help to gospel the world without spending extra money.

Below is a true success story of riding with God.

A young Adventist just graduated from fashion school was looking for jobs. She had done many volunteer works and had won good preferences from university and many non-profit organizations. Through much assistance, she finally got several contract works, but in and out. Eventually she was still unemployed. She finally decided to do business on her own. We assisted her to build a commercial website with alias domain name under http://fablehandknit.com/ and http://fable.hitechemall.com. She hasnít paid any money to search engines. Please try below search engine http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=fable+handknit&ei=UTF-8&fr=FP-tab-web-t&x=wrt . Her web site is listed top priority on the search engine, which is better than paid service. In fact, her second level domain name which is provided by us free is more successful than the dedicated domain name she paid money for it. It is because that domain contains lots of gospel message which is pleased by God. Within three months, her business was booming and extends to Europe and USA. She registered the dedicated domain name to protect her own trademark three months later, because there appears to have copy cats. In fourth month, she was interviewed by a magazine. In fifth month, a publisher wants to publish a book for her, because they have seen her design patterns in her website. God blessed her business because she trusts God on her business on using a gospel web server, which many people, even our own Adventists believe it is an inferior service.

Another example we can help you is on classified advertising. It is useful for professional such as insurance agent, real estate brokers, doctors, garage, motels, and etc. See below example: http://class.sdaglobal.org/real/wfrick.htm This real estate broker is willing to donate $250.00 per transaction. We can help you to promote your business to the world especially among Adventist. Our rate is flexible, or even free. It is just a matter of a pledge between you and God.

Brothers and sisters, do not hide your Christian identity. Testify Him in your daily life. You will find that there are many people help you secretly, even those who had persecuted you.

Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass. Psalms 37:5.

SDA Global

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