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Most Christians, regardless of denomination, agree that Jesus is coming back soon. I am assumed that the Gospel is already spread through the world on seeing churches everywhere. However, when I do evangelism on the street, I discovered that there is a very large portion of people rejecting salvation. This number is in fact increasing in developed countries. I also discovered people are ignorant on salvation, and mulishly reject it.

There isn’t much time left for us to do Gospel work. Therefore, we have to use a mass evangelism and self-serve method. A traditional method is to host evangelism in tents, halls, or even stadiums. The self-serve method is to give out books. Both of these methods are expensive, labour intensive and outdated. In Jesus’ time, miracles could be performed making it very easy for people to accept. Nowadays, we have to spend hundreds of hours to convince one person to believe. To collect lots of people at the same time to attend evangelism in a nowadays-busy world is difficult. To give the Gospel to billions of people will require many billions of hours. People are dying and being replaced by newborn. Gospel work can never be finished. People could think the Gospel should be the work of Pastors. In fact, Jesus expects every one of us to do Gospel. (See Matthew 25: 14-30). On speculating the end time is getting close, I also expect our fellow Christians will be very aggressive and helpful to do Gospel work. My discovery is also negative.

With modern technology, a little effort can do things previously thought impossible. Nowadays, you can Gospel the world without moving a step out of your home. This is contradicting to pioneers risking their lives on travelling to the far end of the world. Nowadays, everything is becoming self-serve. Banking is self-serve. Restaurants are self-serve. Gas stations are self-serve. We can also make the Gospel self-serve as well.

SDA Global is a Gospel website targeted for mass evangelism and provides people self-serve salvation. Our site got resistance from some self-centred Christian. Some of them believe their church is a remnant church. If we spread the Gospel in such a huge scale, it might reduce their share of eternal life. I told a story to my son. I said, if heaven is a restaurant that needs reservation, there are many people in the waiting list. I said to the manager, that I would give up my reservation to let some needy people to enter, because I love them. If this manager is God, whom do you think will allow entrance? Peter said; “The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” (2 Peter 3:9) God wishes every one of us saved.

Operating since April 2000, we have already hosted twenty series of evangelism. With a few thousand hours of video, audio and text information, operating 24 hours non stop, we have already served over two millions visitors. We have hits nearly every minute from every corner of the world. Thousands of search engines provide links for the hungry and thirsty. Jesus said: "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.” [Matthew 5:6] Jesus also said; “And I tell you, Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” [Matthew 7:7]

Many volunteers provide the contents of SDA Global. Besides it being a multilingual site, it has many independently operated sites. That’s because we believe Gospel should be the effort of everybody. When we operate together, our operating cost and advertising cost can be lowered.

On reviewing our Gospel strategy, we discovered that we are lack of physical advertising. Therefore, we have published a series of souvenir to be given out for free. These souvenirs will be bookmarks, play cards, calendars, rulers, caps, cups, flyers, Bible, books and etc. We temporary have enough funds to make 144,000 bookmarks. These bookmarks have already exported to many countries. This amount is really very little on supplying the whole world. To distribute these gift require people’s effort. This supplements to our method of using search engines.

Although using search engines is cheap and effortless, it is still relying on chances. On giving out a gift, such as a bookmark is a material invitation. Although there are many people who received our gift do not have a computer to access our site, however, our simple message on the gift can trigger their ambitious to seek for eternal life by all means of method. Our bookmarks are printed with high quality photo paper. It is a souvenir. People do not dispose them as easy as they dispose flyers. Our bookmarks are powerful seeds. Some germinate immediately; some will remain in the book until the holly spirit inspire. Although it is only a small piece of paper; it has the key to salvation. It also has the code to access few thousand hours of information.

I do not have to spend extra time on doing evangelism. In fact, it makes me know how to conserve my time. For example: When I took my son to the library, I used wait for him. Now, I give out bookmarks at the entrance instead of wasting my precious time. I do the same thing when my wife or children go shopping, banking, to a doctor’s appointment, and etc. When I meet my customers, and clients. I used to deny myself as a Christian, because I am afraid of losing business. Now, I give out bookmarks when I meet my customers and when I do shipping out good. My business is getting better, because my customers have confidence with me. I am utilizing my surplus time to gain rewards in heaven. It is an excellent deal!

Experience has shown giving out bookmarks in a library has highest acceptance rate, because books and bookmarks match. Second highest acceptance rates are at supermarkets. Lowest acceptance rates are distributing them on the street. Our bookmarks have been given out to all races, and all religions. Highest acceptance rates are people from communist countries. These people are hungry and thirst for the truth. Lowest acceptance rates are people from developed countries. These people believe science more than the Bible. My approach is to Gospel those who needed most and do not forget the refused most. We also welcome those saved, because we have to support them to do evangelism as well.

Doing Gospel work needs some sacrifices. I experienced people who are disgusted me. However, I also experienced people praise me and encourage me. Some people even thought I was an angel. When you do Gospel, you should also respect other people’s rights. If they refuse to accept your gift, do not force them. Many supermarkets do not care about your presence of doing evangelism. Doing evangelism in private property is violating trespassing laws. Therefore, try to do it quick and go before there is any complains. If the authority sends you away, do not argue with them. Presently, we still have the freedom to spread Gospel. One day, you may be persecuted.

We have lots of bookmarks ready to give away. If you are willing to share this challenge, please send us an email to request some. Our minimum shipment is five hundred copies. We can ship up to ten thousand copies to you totally free. You can preview them in our website. If you do not want to physically participate, you can contribute money to print them. It cost us Can$110.00 to print 3200 copies. We shall get people to distribute for you in the country you specified. General conference plans to distribute one billion flyers in the next two years, because they feel Jesus’ return is near. Our bookmark project inadvertently agrees with general conference’s policy.

SDA Global

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