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From: Nihar
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 18:28:18 -0500
Subject: RE:  Personal Testimonies  ( Miracles of God )

Hello !

I am impressed strongly in my heart to share these "Testimonies "  with you and others that want to hear.  I WANT THE NAME OF JESUS TO BE LIFTED UP AND GLORIFIED.

Year 1994--- My husband had a heart attack.  He was taken to the emergency room then to Intensive care unit.  Next day, he had Cardiac cath. done and found that he has most of his blood vessels that supply blood to the heart are blocked.  Some are 95% and some are 85% and some are l00%.

The Cardiologist told us the situation and told that he can't have operation of his heart.  It is too bad even to try to have open heart surgery.

The doctor put him on all kinds of heart medications. 

A year later he had another heart attack and my husband, being Insulin dependent Diabetic couldn't feel the chest pain much, except that he couldn't breath and was very nauseated and weak.

Immediately, he was taken to the hospital and was admitted in the intensive care unit and rushed for having another cardiac cath.  Cardiologist discussed the seriousness of my husband's health problem and his present condition.  He told us that I don't know what the outcome of this procedure will be, but he wanted to try to do the cardiac cath and stent placement by which he might have a better blood flow to the heart.

He warned us about the seriousness of this procedure, since he has so many blockages.  He also wanted the operating room available and also the Cardiac Surgeon in the room.  Anyway, O.R. crew came and took my husband on the stretcher to the operating room.  Only then, it dawned on me that if he was going to be alright and if I will see him again.

On that day, that very moment, I felt all alone and I was all alone too sitting in the waiting room.  Praying to God with my eyes closed and  now the miracle begins.  --- I  had my eyes closed, praying to God in my  heart, saying, " Dear Jesus, please help the Doctor to be successful in this procedure,.I  am not ready to him up yet, but Thy will be done.  As soon as I said these words in my heart and mind, I saw the Cardiologist doing the procedure ( surgery) on my husband and I could see on the monitor where he was trying to do the Cardiac cath and stent placement.  I saw the doctor was struggling and almost gave up-- at that time, I saw a very handsome looking man, strong  body built physique, beautiful skin color, taller than the Doctor.  This person, stood behind the Doctor and placed his hand over the Cardiologist's hand (right hand) and guided the catheter doing the procedure and  all of a sudden I could see the blood flow  and I felt peace in my heart knowing that Melvin is alright.  This "Special," God sent man was gone soon after the procedure." I have never seen anyone before or since then.  I call it a " MIRACLE OF GOD"In ten minutes time, the Cardiologist came to talk to me  and told me that the procedure was very difficult but we have been l00% successful.  Only thing, I could tell the Doctor at that time that "Thank God"  and tears of joy was flowing.  I believe that God sent His angel in the form of a "MAN" to help this Doctor to intervene in Melvin's situation.

In l996----  My husband had a regular Doctor's visit (Cardiologist).  Doctor was kind of surprise that Melvin is still able to work and do things for himself.  Couple of weeks later, middle of the night Melvin started feeling nauseated and throwing up and felt tightness in his chest.  I really didn't know at that time what to do and who to go to , because our regular Cardiologist was on vacation.  Prayed rest of the night and gave Melvin Nitroglycerin every 5 minutes for two times.  Next morning went to the heart hospital.    On call Doctor said that we have to do open heart surgery on Melvin  in a week and by that time our regular Doctor will return from vacation. Continued praying to God for His intervention.

Next day -- I went to work ( I work in the operating room in another hospital) during my morning break, I was alone in the nurses's lounge praying to God for Melvin's healing.  -- During my prayer,  -- I saw Melvin standing in front of me, I couldn't see any muscles or bones on his body, only thing I could see was his circulatory system from head to toes.  I saw that there were three main blood vessels had dark areas and no blood was flowing through there, and all of a sudden, I saw a "BEAUTIFUL LIGHT" golden bright color covered his whole body for a few seconds then the light was gone and then I saw that there was no more black areas in his circulatory system. In my heart, I was still praying with my eyes closed for Melvin's healing; so then  a  SMALL VOICE spoke to me saying --he IS HEALED-- PRAISE HIM== I didn't see Melvin anymore.   I opened my eyes and felt joy and peace in my heart.

It was Monday @ 9:30.  I called Melvin at work to find out how he was doing, but didn't tell him about this happening Next day, he had Doctor's appointment.  After doing some tests, he said that he couldn't find anything wrong with his heart. The doctor did the stress test in his office--instead of l0 minutes, he could do 13 minutes without getting short of breath or having chest pain. The doctor cancelled his operation..  I told Melvin about what I saw then.

I don't know, how long God is going to keep him alive in this world, but I pray that God's will be done.  Melvin is a very loving and caring person.  I know and believe that God has still more work for him to do yet.  GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS.  At present, Melvin is not taking any heart medicines except herbs and Insulin for his diabetes.

In l997--- One day at work after finishing my first case and I was doing my paper work.  I heard a voice Saying in a loud and clear voice " GOD WILL HEAL YOU" I looked around and didn't see anyone, but the voice and the message kept on ringing in my ear rest of the day and later on.  At that point, I thought that I am not sick, but why was I told that "GOD WILL HEAL YOU".

One week later, I came to work-- Monday morning, I had a black out, felt flushed and weak and dizzy.  Also, I felt tightness in my chest and was having difficulty in breathing.  I went to the nurse's lounge and sat down.  My supervisor came right behind me--saying< Nihar ! what happened ?  You look flushed- all I could tell her that I am having difficulty in breathing.  Checked my blood pressure and it was abnormal (l90/l30).  Prior to this time, I never had any problem with my blood pressure.

Anyway, my husband took me to the Cardiologist.  He gave me a stress test.  I couldn't even do for two minutes.  I almost passed out.  He did EKG and gave me nitroglycerine and other meds.  He said that I had blockage to my heart.  Seems like that blood is not flowing.  He wanted to do a cardiac cath on the same day, but I told him that I needed to go home and inform my children about my condition , before admitting myself in the hospital.  The doctor allowed me to come home, but made my husband promise that he would bring me to the hospital at six in the morning for Cardiac cath.  So the next morning, I had my cardiac cath.  My blockage was not that serious for doing stenting or any other procedure. 

I continued having difficulty in breathing.  My finger tips were cyanotic (blue) couldn't answer the phone without getting short of breath. Couldn't walk from one room to the other without getting short of breath, couldn't work in the kitchen, doing dishes or anything else without getting short of breath and feeling tightness in my chest. I was in this condition for two months. My Cardiologist sent me to see a Pulmonologist.  All his breathing tests were abnormal.  The medicines, these doctors were giving me, NOTHING HELPED. I was taking 3-4 nitroglycerine a day and plus others.  Quite often, I could hear that voice "GOD WILL HEAL YOU."

Every week my husband had to take me to see the doctor.  Nothing helped me.  Anyway, one morning, I was home alone, my husband went to work on  Feb

26.  walked out in the backyard and tried to water our birds.  All of a sudden, I felt tightness in my chest and I couldn't breath properly.  Somehow, I was able to walk inside the house and sat on the chair.  At that point, I felt inside that I was dying and couldn't reach for nitroglycerine.  There was no one else in the house to ask for help.  i sat on the chair with my eyes closed trying to breath.  The tightness of my chest was too severe to bear-- all of a sudden the voice I could hear again in my mind so strongly saying "GOD WILL HEAL YOU."   All of a sudden, tightness of my chest was just like the tight knot in a rope(that is the  only way, I can describe how I felt)All of a sudden I felt the knot loosened, and I was able to breath again freely and didn't have any more tightness or chest pain.  I was very weak, but that really didn't matter anymore.  From that moment I was on the way to recovery. I am the living Testimony.

I got us and worked outside for a little while, just wanted to test to see and feel if it was real.   I shared this Testimony with my husband and many other people that I work with  and others.

From that day on, I have stopped taking all the medicines that I was taking before.  Went to see the doctor,  he did all the checking, but couldn't find anything wrong with me.  All my vital signs were normal.  No more chest pain or shortness of breath. The Doctor asked me, what medicines I was taking, I told him what happened to me and told him that God has healed me.  He couldn't help, but believe it.  I stopped going to see the Pulmonologist.  He sent me "CERTIFIED LETTER" saying, please come to the office.  I need to put a diagnosis on your chart.  Both of these doctors are from India.  They are Hindus.  They worship God through the idles.  Thank God that I was able glorify God and testify of His healing power and miracle.  Later on many other doctors heard about this story and tried to ask questions and learn more.

Once I had a dream.  In my dream, I saw that my husband and I and many other people were gathered in a house to study the Bible.  I can't recall the subject we were studying and discussing.  Anyway,  it was night time.  After finishing the study, we went our ways to rest for the night. 

I was in a deep sleep--and I felt two hands around my neck trying to choke me.  In the beginning, I could talk, and in sleep, I was calling on my husband saying, "Melvin ! help me"  I did that several times, and each time the hands got tighter and tighter around my neck. I was scared and felt helpless that even Melvin didn't wake up to help me.  At this point, I was having very difficulty in breathing.  Just then, in my sleep and dream, I heard a small  voice whisper in my ear,  saying "CALL ON JESUS" So, I called loud and clear---JESUS ! HELP ME!  Suddenly, these choking hands disappeared and I was Okay.  I woke up Melvin and told him, how come he didn't help me ?  I was calling so loud ?  Of course , he didn't hear me, because, it all happened in a dream.  I believe that devil was trying to choke me and kill me that night.

One thing I learned from this is that your husband or wife can't help you, but the name of  "JESUS"  is powerful. RELY ON HIM.  Jesus is always listening. 

Please keep trusting in Jesus and follow His ways.   Nihar Justin


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