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For users of Windows XP, ME, or system with Windows Media player installed:
Our web sites implement Microsoft multimedia format, such as file types with wma, wmv extensions. If you can not play our multimedia files with Windows media player. It could be caused by Real player or Ati media player, or some type of player, which have altered your file type settings. These players do not support MS media format. However, they would like to mess up your settings to prevent you from playing the MS format files. To bring back you original settings, open Windows media player. Select tools, options, file types. Click the check box to select the file types you want to use with this player. If the check box is shadowed, it is a sign of being disabled by competitor. Uncheck the shadowed check box, will bring back the status. Click OK or apply to enable them again.

Mackintosh, Linux, or Unix systems do not support MS media format. They can not play our videos or audios.

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