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Can not see other language characters:
If you cannot see other language characters in our site, please upgrade your browser with the lanugauge display option for free. To upgrade your Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, select tools, and then select Windows Update in the menu bar of your browser or simply press Upgrade Internet Explorer . You will get a setup file downloaded into the directory you specify. After download completed, run that setup file. It will analyze your existing programs. Then it will display a report of what options you already have and what options you can select. When selection complete, press download to begin update. Some update could take several hours on a slow line. For CD users, we have included the Internet Explorer for your convenience. Go to iesetup directory and run the setup file.

Language editing tools:
If you want to type your language characters in your Microsoft Word and Outlook Express English version, please select your language editing tools option as well. Whenever you run these programs, you will see a green square on the lower right hand side corner of the task bar. When you activate this icon, you can select the language for your keyboard.

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