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On 8:45 am of 11th September 2001, a hijacked plane slammed into the North Tower of the World Trade Centre. Fire broke out immediately. Fire alarms sounded. On the 79th floor of the South Tower, one man was working in his office. He was preparing to escape. The security felt the building was strong and safe, and had been fire proofed. They turned off the alarms at South Tower and suggested people return to work regardless that the North Tower was under severe flames.

A second terrorist plane hit the South Tower after 18 minutes. This man was luckily survived although his office was crumbled in pieces. He couldn’t see well because the environment was filled with dust. He found his flashlight and was heading down the stairs. For he believed going down is the only hope to escape.

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While downward, he met a group of people going upward. He and his fellow workers questioned why they go upward instead of downward. Some people expressed it is unsafe to go downward. This man still believes they should go downward, because flame is burning upward. While they were arguing, he heard some body was trapped in a door with a broken head. He managed to open it and saved him. While he was saving this victim, the majority had disappeared. He couldn’t recall which direction they have escaped.

This man and the other man he saved ran downwards. He found no trouble at all. On his way going down, he had made sure all the fire doors were properly closed. He had even made a phone call to home to report safe and also to the security to inform them about that there was a group of people went upward. On his journey out, they meet no other people. Finally, they reached the ground floor. He described the scene was as if the hall has been vacant for a very long time. They finally returned home safe.

Both towers of World Trade Centre were collapsed because of severe fire. There are estimated five thousand people killed in that tragedy.

We are all living in a world, which will soon end. However, some people believe that our world is very well constructed, which cannot be collapsed. So they turned off the alarm. We are all running for our lives. It is only those follow the proper escape route can survive. We should use our intelligence to determine the correct route but some people listen to myth and have chosen the wrong way, which will lead to eternal destruction. Majority is not necessary correct. The escape route is long and tough. It is only those who have consistent on their belief can make it.

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