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     Once there lived a famous king who set himself to find happiness. First he thought it would come to him through great conquests, and so he set out with his army to conquer other nations. Victory after victory was won, and his dominion was expanded, but happiness did not come to him. He returned to his luxurious palace, thinking to find joy and peace in idleness and relaxation. Not finding happiness in his palace, he turned to his beautiful gardens, but it all seemed in vain.

     One day he heard of an old hermit who could tell him the secret of happiness, and so he hastened to the old man's cave in the forest, and urged him to divulge his secret.

     After much urging by the king, the old man led him along a narrow footpath to the foot of a rugged mountain. Far, far up the mountain side he pointed out to him an eagle's nest. "Why," asked the hermit, "did the eagle choose to build its nest so far from civilization?"

     After a moment's thought, the king replied, "To avoid danger."

     "Right," answered the aged man. "Follow the eagle's example. Set your affections on things above. At the Redeemer's feet you will find real joy."

     The old hermit was right--only by setting our affections on things above shall we find real joy and peace. There is only one pathway to happiness--the pathway of service. He is happiest who serves most and who serves best.--By Charles L. Paddock, Signs of the Times, August 17, 1926.

Quote: "Every instance of obedience, from right motives, strengthens us spiritually, while every act of disobedience weakens us spiritually."--By George Muller, Signs of the Times, November 23, 1926.

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