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     A tiny boy from a non-Christian home in Hawaii once enrolled in the children's department of a Sabbath School. He thoroughly enjoyed himself. He listened to the stories, shared in the songs and play, and became a leader in group activities. Day after day he heard stories of Jesus-a new name to him-until finally he seemed to feel as if he knew Him. Then one day his teacher told him that when Jesus was here on earth He had no home.

     " 'Foxes have holes,' " she repeated, " 'and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay His head.' Jesus had no place He could call His own."

     The boy listened, and when she finished he came up to her quietly.

     "Teacher," he said, "this Jesus-didn't He have any home?"

     "No, sonny, not here."

     "And you say He's coming back here again?"

     "Yes, soon."

     The boy's face brightened, and he said firmly, "Teacher, you tell Jesus when He comes again that we have plenty of room for Him at our house."

     That is the kind of response Jesus is looking for from boys and girls and men and women everywhere-"plenty of room."-By James H. Stirling, Signs of the Times, September 22, 1953.

Quote: "Do you ask why Mary Magdalene was the one chosen to whom first of all Christ should show Himself after the resurrection? This we know-she trusted in Him, and she loved Him; she waited at His sepulcher; she sought, she looked, she wept; and if we would have Christ reveal Himself to us, we, too, must seek and wait and long and trust and love."-By William Adams, Signs of the Times, July 20, 1954.

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