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     A few years ago an officer of our army was stationed in Boston. He soon found that his fine horse Charlie, would be of no use to him in the city.

     So he sent him into the country. In the pasture there were several horses; and among them, one poor, forlorn old horse, called Paddy, who was constantly teased and worried by the other more frisky horses.

     When Charlie, who was a superb animal, arrived, what do you suppose he did? Did he join the others in tormenting poor, harmless old Paddy? No, very far from that.

     As soon as he saw how the old horse was treated, Charlie lost no time in making himself his protector. He guarded the trough, and would not let the other horses have a drop to drink until Paddy had had his full share. They all looked up to Charlie, and when they found that old Paddy had such a powerful friend, they gave up their ugly teasing ways.

     So you see it is with animals as it is with everyone; the truly brave ones always protect the weak. Cowards are only too fond of abusing those not strong enough to defend themselves.-Youth's Companion, Signs of the Times, February 27, 1879.

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