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There was a man by the name of Milton Schustek who lived in Central Europe in a country where freedom is not always easy to attain. During the years of Soviet domination when there was great religious oppression. He experienced the following trial: When the Communists took over his country, He wanted to be free to worship on the Sabbath. He wanted to be free to read his Bible. He wanted to continue his work as a minister. But the Communists had other ideas. They were determined to turn all ministers into laborers. Milton knew that they wanted to send him as far away from his congregation as possible, far away to the coal mines.

But, he got an idea; he figured out a way that he might be able to stay close to his pastoral work in the city of Prague. There was one job in the city that nobody wanted. Nobody wanted to climb into those narrow, filthy culverts and clean them, hundreds of feet under the city. Milton decided to go see the communist officials about that job. But first, he got down on his knees and prayed. “Jesus,” he said, “I want to worship you every Sabbath. Please help me to keep your law and to be honest and faithful to you.” Milton was ushered in to see the local official. Milton said to her, “I understand you want to ship me to the mines to work. Let me tell you something. My grandfather worked in the mines and my father worked in the mines and I’m willing to work in whatever mine you send me.

But, I have a suggestion. You need someone to do the worst job you have. I know about it. It’s climbing down into those sewers and I am willing to do it. Why don’t you assign me to clean the sewer pipes of Prague. I’d be happy to do it, because that would give me the privilege of worshipping my God here.” Something touched that Communist official’s heart.

She looked up at him and said, “Pastor, I’m not a godly woman. I’m just trying to fulfill work assignments but I’ll let you worship your God. Go clean the sewer pipes.” You should have seen the look on Milton’s face as he was telling the story.

He admitted it was a very tough job, very dark, very stressful. But every day it was worth it. He said, “I could worship my God in loyalty, in truth.” Yes, God has His faithful people in every age. They are shining lights in a dark place. And I’d like you to take your stand among those faithful people. Don’t worry about the obstacles you may face. Don’t worry about the challenges your commitment may bring.

Milton Schustek was willing to serve God at any cost. And God took care of him, and He will take care of you too.

Wouldn’t you like to respond to the angels call to, “Come out of her My people?” Don’t you right now want to become a part of God’s church? “...Who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.” 

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