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Geologic Time Scale: What is it?
The Geologic Time Scale is comprised of ten principal strata systems: Cambrian (544-505 million years ago), Ordovician (505-440 million years ago), Silurian (440-410 million years ago), Devonian (410-360 million years ago), Carboniferous (360-286 million years ago), Permian (286-248 million years ago), Triassic (248-213 million years ago), Jurassic (213-145 million years ago), Cretaceous (145-65 million years ago) and Tertiary (65-1.8 million years ago). These strata levels are also known as the "standard geologic column" and are claimed by many scientists as significant "proof" for the theory of evolution. However, in recent years, reputable scholars have uncovered and presented a number of issues regarding the Geologic Time Scale.

Geologic Time Scale: Some Misconceptions & Issues
The Geologic Time Scale was not constructed by geologists that were convinced of the evidence for long-term uniformitarianism and evolutionary theory. Rather, the original geologic column, without today's dating labels, was created by catastrophists that adhered to a creationist theory.

The Geologic Time Scale was not originally developed according to time periods or eras. Rather, it was defined as sequences of sedimentary strata that were later given "time scale" labels.

The strata systems of the Geologic Time Scale are not a uniform, worldwide phenomenon. Actually, data shows that 77% of the earth's surface is missing seven or more of the strata levels and 94% of the earth's surface is missing three or more of the strata levels. Ironically, the entire geologic column, composed of ten complete strata systems, exists only in the diagrams drawn by geologists.

The earth's strata systems rarely occur in the order depicted by the Geologic Time Scale. Scientists have studied thousands of locations where the strata levels are repeated or misplaced.

The strata systems are not identifiable by the physical appearance of the rock composition. Sandstone, limestone, coal, shale, salt and other rock types do not represent distinctive layers in the geologic column.

Fossil species found in a strata level do not act as a reliable method for assigning that level to the Geologic Time Scale. Time and time again, fossil and strata correlations have failed.

Uniformitarian geologists use the sedimentary evidence of the strata levels to prove that the geologic column was created over millions and millions of years. However, many geologists have concluded that strata levels form quickly in many examples of rapid sedimentation (river floodplains during floods, tide pool areas during storms, ocean floors during heavy currents, and valley floors during volcanic eruptions). There is now great evidence to support that the entire geologic column was produced during a catastrophic hydraulic event matching the Biblical depiction of Noah's Flood.

Although many agree that the original methodology of the Geologic Time Scale has issues, scientists now point to radiometric dating as the recent "proof" for specific and reliable strata dating. Actually, radiometric dating has proven very inconsistent and unreliable in this area.

The primitive environments depicted by scientists and assigned to certain strata levels have no basis in evidentiary reality. The primordial scenes shown in books and museum displays are pure speculation. Most importantly, scientists have yet to find any evidence for the reducing atmosphere and primordial soup always assigned to the Precambrian, pre-organic era.

Geologic Time Scale: The Biggest Misconception of All
Contrary to what the text books and popular media still portray, the Geologic Time Scale, and the position of the fossils within its strata levels, do not in any way prove evolutionary theory. Actually, the geologic column contains a fully formed and distinct fossil record, with no transitional specimens whatsoever.

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