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People are trying to tell me that Mary the sister of Martha and Mary Magdalene are the same person.  I could not find any verification of this in the Bible and was wondering your opinion.  I cannot see how they could be the same person & the Bible not mention it.

The gospel John chapter 8 says, "a woman" was caught adultery in the very act.   Who is this woman?  As I search the Scripture I found many supporting texts that proof this woman is Mary Magdalene.  Following are the texts that I would share with you.

The Bible says in John 8:3-11 "Then the scribes and Pharisees brought to Him a woman caught in adultery.  And when they had set her in the midst, they said to Him, "Teacher, this woman was caught in adultery, in the very act…." According to the Law of Moses the woman should be stoned to death if she violates the law of sexual morality as recorded in Deuteronomy chapter 22.  Jesus wrote on the ground and told the scribes and Pharisees, whoever is sinless can throw the first stone at her.   As a result no one would do that because all of them have committed sin as convicted by their conscience.  Verse 12 says Jesus forgave her sin. 

In Matt 26:6-13; Mark 14: 3-9 and John 12:1-11 tells the story of a woman (please read these texts), who poured an expensive perfume on Jesus head and wiped Jesus feet with her long hair.   Matt 26:13 and Mark 14:9 mention that wherever this gospel is preached in the whole world, what this woman has done will be told as a memorial in the gospel.   She did this because she was thankful for what Jesus had done for her.  The gospel of John recorded that this woman was Mary the sister of Lazarus (whom Jesus resurrected from death) and Martha. 

Mary Magdalene is recorded in the gospels several times at Jesus death and at the tomb.

Matt 27:61 "And Mary Magdalene was there, and the other Mary, sitting apposite the tomb.  Mark 15:40 "There were also women looking on from afar, among whom were Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James the Less and of Joses, and Salome."  Mark 15: 47 "And Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joses observed where He was laid.  John 19:25 Mary Magdalene stood by Jesus at the cross.  "Now there stood by the cross of Jesus His mother, and His mother's sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene.  

Matt 28:1" Now, after the Sabbath, as the first day of the week began to dawn, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to see the tomb."  Mark 16:1 now, when the Sabbath was past, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome bought spices, that they might come and anoint Him. "  John 20:1 "Now on the first day of the week Mary Magdalene went to the tomb early, while it was still dark and saw that the stone had been taken away from the tomb."  Verse 11-18 "But Mary stood outside by the tomb weeping, and as she wept she stooped down and looked into the tomb…Jesus said to her, Woman why are you weeping?  Whom are you seeking?  Jesus said to her, Do not cling to Me, for I have not yet ascended to My Father; but go to My brethren and say to them, 'I am ascending to My Father and your Father, and to My God and your God.'  Mary Magdalene came and told the disciples that she had seen the Lord, and that He had spoken these things to her."