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15 Jan 2005 Mississauga                SDA Global announces the implementation of virtual servers to meet the demand of rapidly growing number of visitors. “God had miraculously leads us to a new environment to gospel the world,” said the board of directors, “we shall continue to use our best efforts to bring as many people to heaven as possible on Jesus return.”

Virtual server is a technology which can increase the capacity to handle more guests visiting our web sites. To make it simple for us to understand; we resemblance the guest as a dinner in a restaurant. One day, we might have one million customers coming to this famous restaurant at the same time. This restaurant has only five hundred sites. Under normal circumstances, we have to redirect these extra customers to other restaurants. It could be very confusing for our customers, because they know only one address, and they all deserve to dine in this traditionally famous restaurant. So we use a technology to make these one million customers seen virtually that they are being served personally by a single old faithful waiter. The service is so good as if there is only one customer in the restaurant, which in fact has one million.

SDA Global on line since 1999. We were under preparation since 1995. Remember 1995 was the release year of Windows 95, which changed the desktop of the world. Internet was still very primitive. Web browsers were not even developed. Our first web server took us four years to get working properly, because of software were not written. On our trial of sixth generation software, our first server suddenly lifted off and provided service since with 99.9% up time.

By 2006 spring, we shall retire our first sever even though it is still functioning exceptionally well. To replace our old faithful friend, which had handled one billion hits, we shall install multiple virtual servers to meet the demand of end time hungry and thirsty people. We have appraised these people came from different parts of the world, as far as in the middle of a desert in Africa, or a small island in the middle of Pacific Ocean. We amazed the power of Internet. Our new servers will implement fourteenth generation software. These servers are named after the disciples. God had already given us critical parts to assemble 40 servers. We shall also do research on multicast TV signal on Internet and satellite. We praise the Lord for His abundantly blessed our ministry. 

Interesting history:

Our first server named SDA was acquired in 1995. It is a dual P2 450 MHz processors server with Asus motherboard. The parts cost us Can$7000.00 to build. Initially, it was running on NT4.0. We couldn’t make in working, until the Red Hat 6.2 operating system released. Although it will be retired, its processing power is still well-matched to modern computers. We shall assign some lighter duty for it.

Our new series of servers are not that modern. They will be a team of 40 pieces of dual P3 1GHz processors servers with PC Chips motherboard. We have chosen to use P3 because it conserves energy. These servers featured with high speed data buses, and economy to operate.

We do have some faster severs. Timothy is a dual AMD MP 1.5GHz processors server with Asus motherboard. Timothy is power hungry and noisy that we couldn’t cope with it. We finally scrapped it, and wasted Can$6000.00.


SDA Global

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