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Warm Christian Greetings:

On the highly sensitive and loaded issue of the charge made by some that the SDA corporate church is in a state of apostasy, I do have a few things to say. I believe that there are yet many truehearted believers in the leadership of the Church who by training and inheritance have been brainwashed and blind-sided to the serious departures from God's explicit counsel, particularly in the realm of the Church's Health Message and its Education system. Even when they hear or read God's counsel, they still think mistakenly that all is well in Zion. As one example, they tragically believe that God's counsel to abandon poisonous drugs applies only to 19th century medicine.  There is a legitimate need to warn and educate such leaders to what is the truth of the matter. In fact, God's messenger instructs us that "The truth for this time, the third angel's message, is to be proclaimed with a loud voice, meaning with increasing power, as we approach the great final test. This test must come to the churches in connection with the true medical missionary work, a work that has the Great Physician to dictate and preside in all it comprehends."  Manuscript Releases Volume Ten, page 314.

Additionally, it is obvious that over the decades there has been some successful infiltration of Jesuit agents in key positions in the Church's scholastic, publishing, and administrative systems. Sabotage originates with the father of lies, and was firmly embedded as a systematic strategy of the Jesuit movement in fulfilling its avowed purpose to destroy the Protestant Reformation from within. Of all protestant churches, it is obvious that the SDA Church would be especially targeted. Although some of these Jesuits have actually been converted to the truth, others as agents of Satan, continue with their very subtle undermining of the Church and God's holy purposes for it. Sadly, their nefarious ploys and malfeasance have caused many to abandon the remnant Church and accuse it of apostasy.

In response to these disconcerting realities, I maintain that if you are going to clean a house it can only be done when one is on the inside. To dispel the darkness the candle must be positioned inside, not outside. God knows who are His, and even as we are to be salt and light to the world, it is God's purpose that we as true believers be as well a "savor of life unto life" to the Church at all levels, i.e. from the laity to the leadership.

My principle concern at this time is with reference to the finishing of the Great Commission to take the message of salvation to every nation, language and people - based upon all the truths that God has given to us as a people - so that the end can speedily come. As a means of doing this there must be a thoroughly aggressive, multi-pronged, and sustained attack on the kingdom of darkness. Indeed, many hundreds of millions must yet be and will yet be reached with God's saving truth. The purpose of the Peacemaker Foundation is inter alia to ensure that a workforce is trained and commissioned - by the hundreds, the thousands and then the tens of thousands - to engage in this warfare as has never been done before. A primary strategy in this (in accord with SOP counsel) is to prepare a cadre of "trainers" emphasizing a balanced integration of God's natural healing methods with the Three Angels Message. These trainers will be commissioned to go to every continent to engage directly in training the laity in the churches to employ all of God's truth and to go forward empowered and enabled - fair as the moon, clear as the sun and awesome as an army with banners - to vanquish the kingdom of darkness and in the unwonted power of the Loud Cry finally finish our Master’s work on this sad and sick earth. Indeed, we have this blessed assurance “If the church will put on the robe of Christ's righteousness, withdrawing from all allegiance with the world, there is before her the dawn of a bright and glorious day. God's promise to her will stand fast forever. He will make her an eternal excellency, a joy of many generations.”  Acts of the Apostles p. 601. Additionally, these workers are to be prepared and commissioned to engage in reaching all peoples, but as a means of attaining a multiplier effect to reach out especially to thought leaders in the secular and religious worlds, with God's special truths for this time.

What follows below is an organizational outline of how this effort will be conducted. It is predicated on the principle that we must first demonstrate God's redeeming love by meeting the practical needs of humanity, after which we can with far greater effectiveness bid the people to follow Christ. (Unlike ADRA, the employment of poisonous pesticides, high nitrate fertilizers, and allopathic drugs will be replaced by advanced soil regenerative organiculture, lifestyle healing and non-toxic plant medicines.) You'll note that I have purposely avoided the employment of religious terms in structuring this undertaking because the Foundation must reach out to many nations and social cultures where "Christian missionaries" are either illegal or unwelcome. Major initial and sustained funding appears to be imminent, for which I solicit your daily prayers, and if you able fasting. ( After the Foundation's launching has been achieved, I am planning to establish a Special Projects Committee which will assign 25% of all subsequent funding received by the Foundation to worthy ministries such as your planned endeavor to reach China with the Three Angel's message by satellite.)

In the spirit of Christian friendship & peace,





Peacemaker Foundation for Development

of the Human Family


A Christian International Ministry




The central purpose of the Peacemaker Foundation for Development of the Human Family is to collaboratively and supportively work with peoples of all cultures, creeds and classes in envisioning and fulfilling their essential life needs. This activity will serve as a practical demonstration of the Creator’s love, and the sacred principles of life that He has given to the Human family. The Foundation’s mandate is embodied in the prophetic mission delineated in Isaiah 61:1-3 "The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me, Because the Lord has anointed Me To preach good tidings to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives…To give them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness…that the Lord may be glorified.”


In fulfilling this mission, peoples in all regions of the world will be benefited and strengthened spiritually, intellectually, and socio-economically. Programming and project activities will principally focus on Spiritual Value Based Human and Community Development; Nature and Lifestyle Based Medicine; Organic Soil Regenerative Agriculture; and Familial Based Childhood Education. The Foundation’s World Programming Geographic Divisions’ cooperative and technical assistance to many thousands of project participants and beneficiaries will ensure that they derive great benefit – for both time and eternity – including for many the interested reception of the regenerative principles and truths of the Christian gospel.


A. Life Sciences Research Divisions

As a key institutional component of the Foundation, the Life Sciences Research Divisions as outlined below will carry out wide ranging human development research focusing on Socio-Spiritual Regeneration coupled with Comprehensive Mind-Body Healing. Vital components of this will include: Advanced Organic Agriculture Systems; Community Renewal; and Cross-Cultural Reconciliation and Forgiveness.  Another primary emphases of the Life Sciences Research Institutes will be to evaluate, document and strengthen the highly advanced projects and programming activities that the Peacemaker Foundation undertakes in all regions of the world. An explication of  the respective Divisions follow:


       i.          Indigenous Sciences Research Division

The Division of Indigenous Sciences will research, document and more widely disseminate key elements of the Creator given nature based knowledge systems of Indigenous Peoples in a variety of fields such as: Plant Medicines; Poly-Culture Agriculture systems; Aquaculture; and Conflict Resolution. Community development endowment agreements will be negotiated and entered into with Indigenous communities which are willing to share their vital knowledge. Viable elements of Indigenous knowledge will also be effectively integrated into the development activities undertaken by Peacemaker’s World Programming Geographic Divisions. The Division will also engage in botanical medicine research. This will include: Conducting extensive research and documentation on worldwide plant medicine usages (preventive and therapeutic) in human and veterinary medicine; undertaking a global project initiative to support the development of community healing centers with orchards and medicinal gardens; and developing regional medicinal seed banks throughout the world.


      ii.          Sustainable Agriculture Research Division

Sustainable agriculture represents an alternate path to agricultural productivity that relies on local farming knowledge and non-chemical techniques that are highly adaptive to differing local cultures, lands and climates.  It serves to enhance the use of locally based resources and inputs, and the incorporation of contemporary scientific understanding of biological principles and resources in diverse farming systems. It offers the only practical solution to actually restoring agricultural lands that have been degraded by conventional mono-cropping agronomic practices. Additionally, it offers an environmentally sound, and affordable way, for smallholder farmers to sustainably intensify production in marginalized areas. Based on this framework, this Research Division will experimentally field test and document highly advanced approaches to soil regeneration and plant food productivity.


     iii.          Natural & Lifestyle Medicine Research Division

A massive body of scientific evidence irrefutably demonstrates the superiority and greater affordability of Natural & Lifestyle Based Medicine. Despite this reality, international public health policy lags far behind as it clings to crude and invasive modalities that have been documented in practice as unaffordable and more detrimental to human well being, than beneficial.  The pivotal and synergistic power of lifestyle factors such as whole food nutrition, rest, potable water, sunlight, pure air, balanced exercise, moderation, and trust in God are key elements to making health care systems more sound. This division will explore how such factors can be better implemented, monitored and evaluated in field projects around the globe. It will also examine ways and means of integrating these preventative and curative interventions into national health care policies and programming.


    iv.          Human & Community Development Research Division

Human and community development is about strengthening and enriching human lives. Ultimately, this means working cooperatively with local peoples in helping them to lead long, full and productive lives, during which they enjoy: good health; have full access to useful knowledge; have sufficient income to produce and/or purchase food, clothing and shelter; and lastly are empowered to participate in the decisions that directly affect their lives and their local community. In researching, formulating and implementing development policies, and programming it is vital to put people first, which means to work collaboratively with them in setting objectives and plans that will strengthen their human capabilities and broaden their resource base. Through its research, monitoring and evaluation role this Division will directly to support the Foundation’s World Programming Geographic Division as it seeks to work effectively on this basis.


B. International Media Production Center

The International Media Production Center will research, produce, disseminate and market video/DVD documentaries and movie products that will serve to enlighten and benefit the human family. Key projects will include: Instructional Series for the Foundation’s Staff Training and Orientation Programs; Documentary on the negative Impacts of Rock Music on the Moral and Spiritual Fabric of Human Societies; Documentary on Wide Ranging Cancer Preventatives and Therapies; Documentary on Universal Immunization Public Policy and Key Issues surrounding HIV-AIDs; Televised Series on Natural World Evidences of Intelligent Design in the natural creation versus mindless evolution.


C. Peacemaker Institutes of Life Development Sciences

Peacemaker Institute’s initial global campus will in turn spawn regional campuses in selected areas of the world. These schools will afford students with intensive and experiential skills training in advanced principles of natural healing, organic soil regeneration and other key dimensions of human and community development. Cost covered term apprenticeships for enrolled students in various Peacemaker Foundation field projects will richly complement classroom instruction. Regional campuses will afford rural based student accommodations, classrooms, natural healing complexes with adjacent gardens and horticulture. Graduates will be guaranteed placement and sustained employment in various Foundation sponsored projects. Specialized training options to reach and serve particular disadvantaged groups will be offered.


D. Peacemaker Traveling University

This Peacemaker Institute extension school will be based on a catamaran ship, offering at major ports-of-call throughout the world, both ship and land based training seminars in critical areas such as: Natural Medicine; organic agriculture and human development. The focus will be to reach key policymakers, legislators, government field officers and interested professionals with vital advanced knowledge in these respective fields.


F. Peacemaker Centers for Regenerative Healing

With the inception of global and regional Peacemaker Institute campuses and programs, affiliate teaching and practice Centers for Regenerative Healing will be established. These Centers of treatment and training will afford trainees with first hand experience of effective remediation methods for a wide diversity of degenerative diseases. These will employ key Creator designed/nature based healing modalities, e.g.: Plant Medicines and Nutrition Based Interventions; Helio and Other Light Therapies; Hydrotherapy; Oxygen/Hyperbaric Therapies; Prescribed Therapeutic Exercise and Fasting. These will be complemented with instruction in Spiritual Values/Principles and the employment of intercessory Prayer.


Legal Status of the Foundation

Predicated on the rule of law mandating a separation of church and state as derived from the United States First Amendment to the Constitution provision “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” the Peacemaker Foundation for Development of the Human Family is an unincorporated Christian church based ministry. The Foundation maintains a nontaxable “mandatory exception” status consistent with 26 USC 508(c)(1)(A) of the Internal Revenue Code as educational, medical, scientific, charitable, or other religious missions of the Church. Consistent with the Constitution, this code identifies the Christian Church, its auxiliaries, conventions and associations as a “mandatory exception” from the need to apply under 501(c)(3) for recognition of tax exemption, or for maintaining as an organization a nontaxable status.


Legal Address of the Foundation

5255 Stevens Creek Blvd. No. 231
Santa Clara, California


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