Dear SDA staff & members,
Jesus return is all our hope. In order to quicken his return, our church members have already built thousands of Internet sites to spread Gospel. Because of too many sites around, every body is doing on their own way. We would like to give some suggestion and solutions in here. 

Bad points about present sites:

  1. Many church sites are contracted to commercial site builder. They are usually not Christian. Commercial style sites usually are very cosmetics; it has active music, flashing icons (which is not too respecting to God), hidden buttons, etc. Browsers went into these game sites can get lost easily as in a maze. Many of our sites have little Gospel value.

  2. Some sites are just a bulletin board.

  3. Some site are attached to commercials, they could be marketing something, which do not agree with our doctrine. (I have accessed many of our church sites which can pop out a small window to offer you a monkey shooting game to win $20, or an on line poker game)

  4. Many sites have names which are too difficulty to remember.

  5. There are just too many repeated sites. Repeated site can separate people similar to split a family into several group. 

Our proposal:

  1. Create a site naming system. Such as,
    the word your language will be replaced by the word such as Chinese, French, and so on. Advantage of using this naming system is when we advertise for our site, one line will be good for the whole world’s site.

  2. Sites should not have country border, because Internet have no border. We should use only language to distinguish our differences, because we cannot break through the language barrier.

  3. All church members and non-member should use their gifted talent to participate. No knowledge on computer is required.

  4. Each language site will appoint a group of volunteer to manage it. These volunteers could be dispersed in different countries, but speaking a common language. People can work together through Internet with nowadays technology.

  5. Provide training to church members how to utilize Email to spread Gospel.

  6. Provide training to volunteer members to make sites of their own languages.

  7. Provide training to selected volunteers to run web servers.

  8. Run our own server to reduce operating cost. It will have unlimited disk space to accommodate multimedia evangelism broadcast.

  9. Establish an Internet broadcast and training head quarter. Proposed site is on Cityplace, near Skydome, Toronto, Canada. These apartment buildings have state of the art technology facilitate with fiber optics.

  10. How to obtain money for such a big project?
    Volunteers will build the sites. Money saved by not paying professional can be used to purchase hardware.
    Only one domain name is required, money will be saved on eliminating thousands of un-necessary registration.
    Running our own server can cut cost on leasing disk space from ISP.
    Surplus disk space, and bandwidth can be leased to commercial.
    Surplus labor can be used to build website for commercial.
    Commercial advertising is acceptable to education, health, and alumni site.
    We can market health food, bible, books, videotapes, etc in the shopping site.

  11. Multiple mirror sites and server will be run in every continent, to provide easier access and to prevent blockade. Server in different location will replace blocked server instantly.

  12. Provide free name server service to all existing site. All existing sites will have new names, while the old names will still be valid for a very long time until change over complete and satisfactory.

  13. Link repeated sites together, such that people can live closer together rather than being separated.

  14. On selecting the best sermon in the site. We will make a 50-hour multimedia CD. This CD will be distributed in large quantity free. The cost of producing such a CD is only US$0.25 each.

  15. For people who do not use computer, we will produce a 74 min audio CD for them.

  16. These CD will be reproduced in different languages. 

Please visit our sample site This site has 100 hours of evangelism, sermon, testimony, music, etc. We will also have children story, bible study etc. in the near future. This is a workhorse site. It is full of Gospel values. Please also visit
these sites are linked to each other. For visitor went into our religion site could be caused by accident, because of browsing other linked sites. This site is running by our own web server. It has unlimited disk space. The operating cost is near zero. Volunteers designed this site, no money ever spend. Our site is temporarily officially representing North America Chinese Churches. We hope in the near future will represent world wide Chinese churches. This site is temporarily attached to a commercial domain name.

It will be replace by

if General Conference agree. 

Advantages of Internet:

  1.  After our sample site has been launched. We have already experienced church members instead of struggling for political power, are competing for the truth in the bible and quality of performance. They understand performing well on the sermon, music, children story, etc., will be rewarded in the Internet.

  2. Church members feel closer relationship all over the world because there is no longer a country border.

  3. Retired Pastors has become active again, because they realized they would be remembered in the Internet.

  4. Reduce misunderstanding between nominations. Other nominations can hear our sermon and understand our doctrine without being scare of fellow church member.

  5. People afraid of going to church or donate money will be able to visit our evangelism at home.

  6. We can spread Gospel without leaving home.

  7. Increase church membership.

  8. Church offerings increased.

  9. Church members are more co-operating.

  10. Disabled person will no longer miss the Sabbath. 

Satan has already done lots of actions to stop our plan. All volunteer’s computer have already experienced fatal accident. Our volunteers have arguments on small things amount our own people causing lots of delay. Our name server in California had been blocked out for a long time. Our routes had been totally isolated. All cities surrounding our city had experienced transmission trouble. If you cannot access to our site. Please try again every day. We have a CD ready for your evaluation because of transmission trouble. Reply this mail to request a sample CD. All of these things cannot be happened by accident or caused by people. Satan’s work indicated our aim is correct, the importance of our job, and the existence of God. Please gather together and get volunteers to build a site of your own language. Please relay this message to all members of SDA. All actions please get approval from General Conference proir to be committed, because this is a worldwide teamwork.

      May God bless all of you. 

                Yours faithfully
                    Michael Tung
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