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From: "Loren and Ethel Price"
Subject: New Update from Soo
Date: May 9, 2006 4:47 PM

Dear Friends,

I have a new update from Soo!! There is much to praise the Lord about and real plans for the future! Soo called us at 4:00 am Sunday morning (PST) - about 9 pm her time. We talked for two and a half hours!! She has just returned to Australia from Laos and I will fill you in on everything!

The purpose of this trip was to secure a government permit for an orphanage. THAT HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED!!!!! Praise the Lord!! She said she was impressed when she went to talk to them to include a school. Now she has IN HAND a WRITTEN PERMIT for a school and orphanage. She will teach religion for the first hour - as she learned at Uchee Pines, she says!

Let me bullet the information so I don't forget anything - and my apologies for it being a little disjointed this way.

* Soo was able to get plans drawn before she left Australia for $300 USD!! She will be sending us a CD with the plans and also pictures of the land (later story). The materials list would cost about $160,000 AUD or $140,000 USD (more on this later).

* She stayed with her sister and brother-in-law while there. Her sister said to her "you are gone from early morning until late at night!!" Soo did more than visit while in Laos, I can assure you. :-)

* Soo's brother-in-law who is a builder wants to build the school/orphanage. He is willing to build up front without money and be paid after. He says he can get materials at less cost than she was quoted. (Thank the Lord!) It is my understanding we can get the land prepared/leveled for about $300 USD, which we will send up front. We would very much like to see Maranatha or a similar effort to help build this project. Soo also envisions a LifeStyle center such as at Uchee Pines in the future.

* The Adventist church there is going to set up an account for their church at the international bank in the capitol city. We will be sure this is a safe and secure route for money to be transferred to, but hope to be able to send money from our non-profit directly to the Seventh-day Adventist church there.

* Oh, did I forget? All that could not be built on Soo's little piece of land of less than an acre about a mile from the capitol, Vientiane. When she went to the new, trustworthy Seventh-day Adventist pastor, Boonprainee (when she says it, it sounds like Boon-paw-nee), she said he cried. He said "Now we know what we are to do with the land." It seems the Lord told the church to buy this land many years ago, but they did not know why. The church has offered this land for Soo to build her project on. It is about 50 acres and located about two hours from the Capitol. She has visited it and taken pictures. When I get them, I will put them on the website.

* Soo has given "Pastor B" her laptop computer as the church there needed it!! Pastor B can email and I have (mostly) his address. As soon as I figure out the correct Yahoo email country code suffix for Laos, I may actually be able to email Pastor B in Laos. She also left with him CD copies of the translated Desire of Ages and Great Controversy to proofread. Soo is very
happy to understand more and to be cooperating with the church. Pastor B and Pastor Sammy and Soo hope to travel together to the Union Conference in Singapore and present these translations.

* Last year when Soo had printed in Laos the 3,000 copies of The Steps to Christ, there were some who said she did it all wrong. As I believe God directed her to this course of action, I have been waiting patiently to see the results. Here are some of the results:

1. The church was still able to get permission not only to print the Steps to Christ, but any Christian book, hymnals, and the Bible. Soo left her Bible and as soon as it can be arranged, the Pastor will copy it to have it reprinted. (This is what I understand.) She says the government has no concern for the Christian books printed now.
2. The former pastor is no longer attending the Vientiane church - at least for the last month or two. He is apparently working for/with the Union Conference in doing Literature Evangelism and selling the Steps to Christ books that the church had officially printed. He doesn't particularly like the fact that Soo is giving her books away, so let's pray that he finds success in getting his books of truth into the hands of those that can afford to buy them.
3. Soo gave books away at the temple in the city and they were well received. One woman's husband had died and when she came to the temple and saw these books, she cried. Soo was able to talk with her.
4. Soo was giving books out on the street by the government offices (!) and a policeman came up asking what she was doing. She told him and he asked more questions. There are several religions building churches there now - Baptist, Ba'Hai, and Catholic that she named. They pay people $10 to $20 USD a month to get them to come to church. People are flocking to these churches. The policeman asked if she went to church on Sunday. She told him, NO, that she went on Saturday, the day the Creator God who made the earth made holy. She told him her church didn't pay people to come to church, she said they would learn truth. She also shared her testimony of the angel visit! The policeman ASKED FOR 20 BOOKS!! Praise God!!!! Pray for many to learn God's truth in this way.
5. The church members are too poor to buy the books, so Soo left hundreds with them to use and give away. They are so happy. All the books have now been distributed or left with the church.

* Twenty-eight people were baptized from the hmong mountain people while Soo was there. She encouraged them to study and learn.

* Soo visited with the Adventist Frontier Mission (AFM) couple there for about three hours. She encouraged them to cooperate with the local SdA church there and in their work for the Lord. They are looking to start an English language school. It's hard to know who to trust, but Soo told them they could trust Pastor B.

* Soo talked to people who have diabetes and told them some things they should/should not eat to help their condition. They are interested in coming to a LifeStyle Center when it is going!! She gave fomentations to someone having kidney problems. Pray for these simple outreaches to bring glory to God.

* Here is the news we all have been waiting to hear - when the school/orphanage complex is built, SOO IS RETURNING TO LAOS PERMANENTLY!!! Praise the Lord!! I've just looked at a website that says the rainy season there is April to November, so I'm not yet sure when this can be built. We have much more work to do on the advance planning and funding. But God has said BUILD and He has opened the way - so build we will!!

* Soo said she is no longer afraid of the former pastor who gave her so many problems. Now that she has given Steps to Christ books to the Police, she knows God will take care of everything.

* Soo is hoping that people who have talked about volunteering at such a facility before, will now be ready to start more solid plans to come help. So are we!!!

* We want you to pray with us for this entire project, to know if it is God's will for us to go and oversee the putting together of this project, and for God's money to be released for all of this!

Soo has truly become a knowledgeable and faithful Seventh-day Adventist Christian. I cannot imagine any other young woman I know traveling alone to a communist country/government and coming away with a permit for this school/orphanage. This is the Power of God at work to quickly take the GOOD NEWS to this formerly closed nation. We also see Him at work to reach the Native Indian populations in North America, with one nearby worker already with over 100 Bible studies!

As the Sabbath was begun to be proclaimed "more fully" this weekend - all over the world - we can expect to see greater POWER and greater persecutions. So many people turned out in the Philippines that outdoor viewing screens had to be erected to accommodate the crowds. I understand there were equally many people in many countries watching. 3ABN servers
received so many hits that they went down. That has never happened before, they reported.

GOD IS MOVING. Come along and move with Him!

In Christ, Ethel and Loren Price
Bill and Venie Osborne
Sung bok "Max" Seo

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From: Loren and Ethel Price
To: "Undisclosed-Recipient:;"@pisces.web-ster.com
Sent: Sunday, July 03, 2005 11:20 AM


Before I get into the report from Max, I would like to announce and welcome Sung bok "Max" Seo of the Atlanta, GA area, and Bill and Venie Osborn of the Portland, OR area, as the newest members of the Board of Directors for The Omega Project Ministries! We are excited to have their input and enthusiasm for God's work, as well as their being great friends. Max has also accepted to be the Chair of the Asian Mission Committee...and he has done it again, folks...read on!

God has really laid a burden upon Max's heart to reach the lost in SE Asia. The first part of June, Max spent 10 days traveling to Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam to assess the need there! I understand the mosquitoes were particularly vicious, and we pray for his complete restoration. Changing time zones to half way around the world is taxing, also.

Max was able to visit with Soo's sister and other family members in Vientiane, Laos, and meet with others from the church there. Although it is difficult to know whom to trust in this communist country, he has been able to make solid contacts with those with good reputation and love for God's cause.

Several exciting things happened while he was there. First, he and Pastor Choi and another Elder from Korea passed out 1,500 of the Steps to Christ books that Soo had printed while there!

Max's "taxi" driver (think motorcycle powered) received a book...went home and stayed up all night reading it! The next day he told Max that it was a wonderful book...and that he wanted to believe like Max did. He also wanted to pass out the other 1,500 books! So Max has a local Elder studying with this man every other day.

He told the Elder... Time is very short! Teach him about Jesus, and when he has learned enough to understand what he believes and can be baptized, then let him pass out the remaining books.

Soo's sister was happy to have some of the books given away as they take up one whole room in her house.

They had a little excitement when a man, probably secret police, told Max he was going to take him to the Police station.

Max told him "That is fine... let's go! I'm here legally." He said the man kind of backed off, then after a little more discussion, Max finally said "You go now, you're no good!"

Then Max quickly found Pastor Choi and the Elder and told them "We must stop giving out the books now."

The local Elder had been home praying for their safety...and God surely blessed. Max says he is not afraid to go to prison for the Lord. God has given him a burden and a holy boldness to reach the people of Laos. Praise the Lord!

Then Max traveled to Vietnam and Cambodia where he talked with church or mission leaders there. He visited the lake in Cambodia where 2 million refugees from Vietnam must live their whole lives on houseboats on the water; never coming to the land. The Cambodian government allowed them to enter from Vietnam, but they cannot leave the lake.

Max told me he wept for their terrible living conditions. They use the lake for their sewer...and they drink from the lake. They put the water into a large jar, let the sediment settle to the bottom, then use the water at the top to drink and bathe with. He said they live like animals.

There is one Catholic church on the water. That's all. One church. Max would like to see Seventh-day Adventist churches on the lake, also.

Max asked the leaders in every country...what do you need the most. Over and over again, they said they needed a way to support the Bible workers that are being trained by the Singapore Union, and by other means. They need possibly $100 a month each for living and gas, plus a good used motorcycle to take them to distant villages. Finally, if there is a church to attend, many more people come into the church.

Max found that there are not so much orphaned children as orphaned families in these countries. Very poor people. The rains have not been good, so food is very scarce.

Loren has done some drafting over the years, and is going to draw up plans for a modest but sturdy church building, with a community services area and a small health clinic attached. Max says churches there have a roof and three walls. Very humble.

We envision beginning a simple service that would make very basic things available to the neediest people...food, clothes, bedding, mosquito nets. And, as able, to have someone teach basic hygiene and help meet health needs. Perhaps visiting medical personnel could have periodic clinics to treat the sick. We have to coordinate these plans with existing services and programs so we do not duplicate services.

All three countries could benefit from support for Bible workers, motorcycles, and churches. Laos is Communist, as is Vietnam--which has even less religious freedom. (Although the leader of Vietnam signed an agreement with our President that will hopefully bring more religious freedoms. Let's pray for that!) Laos needs special prayer to plead with God to remove the "scales" from the eyes of the people so they can turn from dishonesty and greed and fully live the gospel of truth. "If our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them." (2 Corinthians 4:3-4) I am told by the treasurer of the SE Asia Union that the church is much more organized in Vietnam and Cambodia with a trustworthy structure to ensure proper use of funds donated.

Cambodia is more open, and a group of 19 college age young adults from Korea will be going there in July to help with adult and child evangelism. The treasurer also said the church envisions bringing children from Laos to a school in Cambodia where they can better learn English and the principles from God's word. He said there is a great need for houseparents for this school

Max has been instrumental in getting the 19 youth from Korea to Cambodia, in getting a motorcycle for the local Elder in Vientiane, and in encouraging the Korean church, along with Pastor Choi, to raise $5,000 toward the purchase of motorcycles for these countries!

We want to work together with these brothers and sisters of ours in Korea to do something meaningful in getting the Good News more fully into these three countries.

Thank you for what you have given for Soo's mission project. She is still studying with Pastor Sammy in Australia and will, by God's Grace, become a fine Bible worker herself soon. Please check with us before donating further for Soo's project, as we need to more fully explore how she will be able to best work in Laos without losing property and buildings to the government. We want to include Soo's project in our planning, and help her to have a place in God's work there in Laos. We are continuing to explore the possibilities of the tiny piece of land she purchased upon arrival in Laos. It is about an hour from any major area of need, so we are re-evaluating how it can be used.

May God bless you, encourage you of His soon coming, fill you with His Holy Spirit Power...and open your heart with compassion and love for those around you needing the Good News!

Behold the Bridegroom is coming...go out to meet Him!
In Christ, Ethel and Loren, Max, Venie, and Bill

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From: "Loren and Ethel Price" <lorendprice@ccwebster.net>
To: <"Undisclosed-Recipient:;"@pisces.web-ster.com>
Sent: Monday, June 27, 2005 2:37 PM
Subject: What's new with Soo and other UPDATES

Hi...Just had a short talk with Soo this morning. She says she is still strong in Jesus, praise the Lord! Pastor Sammy is continuing the Bible studies with her...and she continues working with her Lao people in Australia to bring them the message of Jesus' love and invite them to church.

Her sister has called her from Laos and told her of the Steps to Christ books Max passed out while in Laos in early June. I'll have more of that in my report about Max ... coming soon. Soo also asked her sister to bring some of the books to Australia when she comes to visit, as some in the Lao community there would like to have them.

Soo tells me her father decided not to have surgery for his heart. I asked her about the possibility of him attending a Lifestyle live-in program. At first she said it was expensive. When I suggested that we could raise the money to send him, she said "he doesn't want to go." Thanks from those of you suggesting such a program; I guess the time just isn't right yet.

There is an Adventist pastor from the church she is attending that picks her father up on Thursday nights to go to hear health talks. Let's pray he will understand the principles that can help him to regain his health...physically and spiritually!

Soo has NOT yet received a VISA to visit the United States, so all of you hoping to hear her in person this summer... I'd say it probably will not happen. She has notified the airline that she will not be using the ticket on July 21 as scheduled. It is still good until the end of November, so we shall see.

I asked her clearly about whether she feels led to visit America or go back to Laos, as she has been praying about, and she wants to go back to Laos. We may be disappointed short term... but think of the precious ones in heaven to greet us along with her, if she does go back to Laos!

There has been a question or two about why she did not contact the White Estate and Roger Coon while she was here. All I can say is, she would not be the first Christian to miss some of God's appointments. Thankfully He forgives and continues to work with us, though we may be on "plan B" ... or plan Z.

Continue to pray for Soo, for Laos...and God's work all over the world. Especially pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon our world church gathering in St. Louis this week. Pray for all to have a willing heart for His Power.


RE: The children in state custody (again...this is NOT Loren and Ethel's family!): Please continue to lift Derrick and Monica...and their family... up in prayer.

The case was NOT dismissed as hoped on Friday. The trial will go forward...in three months. Pray for Monica as she is due with her third child about that same date. Children's services is trying to reschedule the visits with their children from an acceptable time after work...to during the work day. Pray that this attempt to disrupt Derrick's work again will be rebuked, and that Children's services will not cancel the visits each week.

"But thus saith the Lord, Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered: for I will contend with him that contendeth with thee, and I will save thy children." Isaiah 49:26.

Most of all, pray for the salvation of all involved.

THOUGHT YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED...we pray that there will truly be an opening for us to rapidly spread the Good News in Communist Vietnam!


WASHINGTON - As protesters gathered outside to demand that Vietnam respect human and religious rights, President Bush and Vietnam's prime minister met Tuesday at the White House where Bush afterwards noted that Vietnam had agreed to ensure greater religious freedom.

The two leaders talked about Vietnam's desire to join the World Trade Organization, business issues, human rights and signed an agreement that Bush said would make it easier for people to worship freely in Vietnam.

"We signed a landmark agreement that will make it easier for people to worship freely in Vietnam," Bush told reporters, without elaborating.

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From: Loren and Ethel Price
Sent: Wednesday, March 09, 2005 12:18 AM
Subject: God is opening doors!!

Praise God for already providing the money needed to send the five men from Laos to South Korea to be taught the Bible and trained to be Bible workers! Thank you for responding so rapidly. Many feel an urgency to hasten to do God's bidding, and we praise the Lord for that. Thank you to those that responded so quickly...even without being asked!

I have received two e-mails yesterday that I am enclosing to you (with permission.) It is amazing how God is bringing the right people together to "get the job done!" I know you will rejoice with me for the news of this "semi-retired Pastor" that God has used so powerfully and that feels God's call to help teach Soo. Enjoy.

In Christ, Ethel

Dear Ethel and Loren,

I am Pastor Sammy Lee from Sydney. Last Sabbath the 5th of March 2005 I met Soo at the Cabramatta Church, one of four churches in the Greater Sydney Conference of SDA, in which I usually preached in the absence of their pastor.
I am a semi-retired minister with honorary credential to serve in this conference as an ordained minister. Formerly I was an evangelist in Indonesia, Malaysia, Macao and China.

I was very much impressed when I read your article about Soo. It is midnight in Sydney now, and I could not sleep, so I wrote this letter to you. I am impressed by the Lord to give Bible studies to Soo as soon as possible. I think I can communicate better with her because I have had the experiences working among southeast asian people, and I have the materials that will equip Soo to become a powerful missionary with the Holy Spirit's help. Please continue to pray for us.

I read about your daughter's remark: “Mom, our grandparents and their grandparents all said the same thing!”
That was exactly what I heard from several people, including my former wife.

Forty two years ago when I graduated from the Indonesia Union College (Indonesian Adventist University), in Bandung and worked as a young evangelist in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, I was convinced that Jesus would be coming very soon. I was privileged to witness hundreds of souls every year at that time as the result of my evangelistic campaigns.

At this moment I am more convinced than ever that Jesus will be coming very, very soon! Forty two years ago Vatican did not have a diplomatic relation with the USA! So there was impossible for the Sunday Law to be implemented then!  Forty two years ago we didn't have the equipments that we have now to fulfill the prophecy of Jesus: "And this gospel shall be preached to all nations and tongue and people... then shall the end come!". But just in the last few years, this thing has come into reality. We can now preach the gospel through satelite relay stations to all the people on this globe with our message simultaneously! The act of terrorism worldwide, strange weather patterns, increased of natural disasters, epidemics and the last Tsunami which affected so many nations make it more convincing than ever that God cannot postpone His coming any longer or nothing will be left on earth and He would be too cruel!

I am very sure that the day will come, any time now, when God will control the television stations on earth and they will not be able to broadcast anything else but the last warning message from our King about His second coming and the last chance for earthlings to repent!

Praise the Lord. Keep up your courage! Let's unite our funds, force and voices and shout louder: "The King is coming!"

God bless you, my brother and sister!

Yours with Christian love,

Sammy Lee

Dear Sister Ethel,
Thanks for your speedy reply. I think this is all the wonderful work of our Merciful Father in heaven. By all means, share my letters to anyone who is interested and who can be strengthened in their faith as we wait for our King's soon coming to fetch us home where we will all live as a happy family in a world where the words war, terrorism, sin, sickness, sorrow, separation, and death will never be used in our vocabulary forever, let alone the feeling of the experiences described by those terms!
Before I went to bed last night, I received a phone call from a member of the Cabramatta church attended by Soo whenever she is in Sydney. Lynette was a bit annoyed by the fact that the pastor and other members of the Cabramatta church seem to give a cold shoulder to Soo. She wants me to find out more about the real truth behind the phenomena.
Since I haven't been able to talk in detail with Soo, I told her to be patient until I can gather more information. After I read your article and watched the video, I was still a bit curious to know the reasons why should God has a particular interest with an ordinary Laotian girl like Soo. Why was she, a Laotian,  singled out by God. Why not a Chinese, or a Moslem for instance. But then after reading the Bible and meditation, and further searching on the Google engine, I found out this information:
Lao (or Laotian) in its written form evolved from an ancient Southern Indian script called Pali. However Lao speech, syntaxes, vocabularly, etc. had already existed prior to the introdution of a written script. Buddhism entered the country and became its principle religion hundreds of years ago during the first reign of the first king of Laos. Theravadan Buddhist texts were written in Pali. Pali was one of two of the original languages that Buddhism was written in (the other being Sanskrit).
Moreover, when Buddhism spread throughout Southeast Asia other countries also adopted Pali, or an extract of it, as their language. And so the language developed separately through the years in each different country. In some cases there were deliberate projects to simplify the Pali language for modern and wide spread use, as seen in Thailand in its early history. In Laos, during the late 1940s, the government along with linguistic and literature scholars simplified Lao by enforcing a rule that made all words spoken would/should be written phonetically. Prior to this change, Lao language used a lot of characters, rules and vocabulary from Pali, creating this new rule not only helped simplify Lao language but to, in essence, Laotianize it.
Now it is all clear to me. Just for the sake of comparison, if for instance the Lord would reveal Himself to a group of people who are still using the original language in which the Bible was originally written, wouldn’t He naturally choose one of the Jews. Of course we know that the Jews have had the opportunity to know God and His plan, but rejected it, while some of them are already numbered among the remnants at the present. But on the other hand, the Laotians were the first to accept Buddhism and record the teachings in their original scripts which are still being used until now. Buddhism as you are aware is one of the biggest, if not the biggest religion in the Far East. Their temples can be seen every where around the world now. Even the majority of the Chinese people, who were actually descendants of the first worshippers of God the Creator long before even the Hebrews came into existence as a nation, are now adherents of Buddhism. So I concluded that since many among the Buddhists are waiting for “the Second God” Who will be coming again to earth to set up His Kingdom and save humanity from total destruction, and whose identifying marks are the five scars on His hands, feet and side, as mentioned in your article about Soo, it is only logical that He shows a special interest in this Laotian tribe to be used as an entering wedge to the Asian and Southeast Asian Nations who are mostly followers of Buddha.
As to Moslems, there are quite a number of scholars of the Quran, who have been converted into Christianity and who are now being used mightily by God in converting the followers of Mohammed to accept Christ as the only Saviour, and to Whom the Quran also referred as “The Righteous Judge” and
“Great or High Priest”.
That’s why I am so excited about this and have decided to make the study of the Laotian spoken and written language as my last linguistic enterprise. I have studied around 16 languages in my life time, and am still able to converse in half of them, since I seldom had the opportunity of using the other half of it.
I am now preparing myself to teach Soo some of the other essential doctrines that we as God’s remnant people believe, and with the help of the Holy Spirit convey it as clearly as possible in her own language.
Your prayers on my behalf will be greatly appreciated.
I am going to send you a printed copy of my pamphlet to your postal address and you are welcome to share it with as many people as you can. I wish I can scatter it around me as a witness to the Chinese speaking people both in Australia and Southeast Asian countries, but I am not financially capable to do that at the moment. I am glad to know there are so many people who are interested in helping Soo accomplish her assigned mission, and I will do my best to support her.
Please keep me informed of the latest development of your Omega projects.
God bless you.
Your brother in Christ,
Sammy Lee

From: Loren and Ethel Price
Sent: Wednesday, March 02, 2005 5:08 PM
Subject: Max's Report on Soo

The Omega Project Ministries has been in contact with a fine Korean gentleman for the last several months. Sung bok Seo (Max, as he calls himself) lives in the Atlanta, Georgia area, and he and his wife had visited with Soo several times while she was at Uchee Pines.
Feeling a kinship with Soo because of their common backgrounds outside of the U.S., they developed an interest, not just in Soo’s conversion story, but in helping to take the gospel to Laos. Max recently arranged transportation for himself and four other Korean SDA’s to visit Laos. You may recall receiving a request to pray for them on February 6 when he left on his journey.
Max has returned, and is excited with the experiences he had while there. This was not an easy trip, as hot weather, primitive housing conditions, and a genuine need to be careful in sharing the gospel confronted him and his friends. He has asked me to share his story, as English is not his first language. I would like to give you a brief overview of this trip “in his own words.”
Ethel: Max, it’s wonderful to have you safely back home. Many were praying for the success of your trip. Tell us, first, how is Soo?
Max: Soo is doing fine. She is studying the Bible with several people there in Laos. She has no fear of going to jail for what she is doing! Soo can be very stubborn, but she is very dedicated to do what the angel told her.
Ethel: I understand going to jail is a real possibility. Did you find others concerned about the authorities in this communist country?
Max: Yes, I did. The owner of the simple guesthouse where we stayed was greatly concerned about us holding a Bible study there. He even asked me not to carry my Bible openly. He said many police are always watching. Not only would I get in trouble, which I am happy to suffer for Jesus, but he would also be harmed. So I was careful not to do anything that would bring harm to him.
Ethel: What about the church members there?
Max: Because of the communist presence, there is much fear and distrust among church members. Soo says she trusts only two people at the church.
Ethel: Is that slowing the work of our church there?
Max: Yes, it is somewhat. But there were people we studied the Bible with while we were there that want nothing more than to be trained to be Bible workers and teach people about God.
Ethel: Even with the threat of prison?
Max: Yes, they are hungry for truth. Soo has been studying with one man that is a supervisor. He invited his nine workers to attend our Bible study. Five of his “salesmen” (as he called them) came and every one wanted to become a Christian right then and work for God. Pastor Choi told them his church would bring these men to Korea for three or four months and teach them about God and how to work for Him.
Ethel: How can people from Laos learn in Korean?
Max: There are Korean people that can speak Lao. They would work from morning until night teaching these men about God. The Korean church would provide food and housing for them. If we could provide only $150-$200 per month, these men could be trained and supported to do God’s work in Laos. (Many people earn only about $30 per month, but more highly educated and trained people earn more, as do these men, who are college educated.)
Ethel: Is this real? Should we be raising money to get these educated men trained to be Bible workers in Laos?
Max: Yes, yes. They are very hungry for the word of God. We should send them right away to Korea to be trained. When we sang “Rock of Ages” and “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” they learned right away. For these five men, it would cost about $1,100 each for airfare and for three months pay while they are in Korea learning. We should do this right away.
Ethel: Did you find more people wanting to study the Bible?
Max: Oh, yes! Even the man who drove the motorcycle cab I rode in, wanted to study religion. I offered to pay his day’s wage if he would not work on Sabbath, but come to the Bible study. He said “Oh, no! I do not want pay. I would pay you to learn!”
Ethel: Max, I’ve heard that there are two churches in Laos. I’ve heard that some do not want to be in the world church. What did you find?
Max: It is very difficult to know in such a short time what the truth is. Two men have been studying with many people in the North of Laos, and almost 1,000 people are now ready to become Seventh-day Adventists. They were very concerned that we had heard evil of them, but I assured them we were not there to judge, only to help.
Ethel: Is this one thousand new people, or does this include those already in the church?
Max: These are new people. Some have been studying longer, and some are just coming. The Korean group is going to send their youth group to North Laos in June, and perhaps in August, to help with the evangelism there.
Ethel: What about the Steps to Christ books? Please give us an update there.
Max: It is difficult. Soo is very anxious to have the books paid for, and I told her as soon as the printer had the government permit that is required, I would pay for them. You remember I called you to ask what I should do.
Ethel: Yes, I do remember…it was 2:00 am here! But I didn’t mind. We talked together and prayed about what to do. Soo was very anxious to have them paid. I recall we talked about Jesus telling us we should obey our earthly governments as long as they do not ask us to do anything against God. So, our agreement together was to not pay the printer until he has the permit he says he has applied for, is that right?
Max: Yes, that is right. And I asked Pastor Choi, and his wife. I asked Elder Yoo and Deaconess Park. They all said, “No, do not pay until the printer has the permit.”
Ethel: Why does the permit make such a big difference?
Max: The books would not be legal, and would put all in unnecessary danger if they gave them out or received them. Also, no one has actually seen the books the printer says he has printed. If Soo paid for them without the permit, she could lose the money and never get the books. There would be no way for the government to help her, because she couldn’t prove anything.
Ethel: What are the real possibilities that the government will give a permit for these books?
Max: I do not know. I believe Jesus wants Soo there working for her people. She is determined that she will do what the angel has told her to do and bring Ellen White’s books to her country. We need to pray that God will open that door.
Ethel: I had heard of another man there that is working on the translations. What about his work?
Max: This man says he has been commissioned to do this work and has also translated this book and applied for a permit. I asked him “why has it taken you three years to do this work? Why are you waiting?” He and Soo go to church together, but they need to learn to work together better to get God’s work done. It is difficult.
Ethel: What about the Bibles needed; can they be bought in Laos? How much do they cost? Some want to help right now with Bibles.
Max: It was hard to find that out. Soo did not know. As best as I could learn, the Bibles cost about $5 US, which seems like a lot. Everything there is very, very cheap. Many people live on $30 a month. We would need to have someone go over to Laos again, take the money along, and buy them. I would be very reluctant to send the money just to Soo. She has a hard time with the exchange rate. It was hard for me to know what I was spending, because of the exchange rate.
Ethel: Does the government allow Bibles?
Max: There do seem to be Bibles there, although not many. Some are very afraid to have the authorities see them with Bibles. Others do not care. They need Bibles very badly. They also need songbooks, and it is possible the government would have no problem with printing music. There is much more for me to learn about this.
Ethel: Tell me about Soo’s travel schedule. Is she planning to return to Australia and the United States?
Max: Yes. Soo is actually a citizen now of Australia, not Laos. She is in Laos on a permit. She is planning to return to Australia in March, then come back to the United States after that. She has her belongings in four different places. She wants to get her things, and talk to churches in America.
Ethel: I was not clear that Soo was no longer a citizen of Laos. Did you have someone to translate for you there? Could you understand Soo’s English well?
Max: Soo’s English is very poor. There were several there who could translate for me. That helped. There were some Koreans who could also speak Lao, and that was good. I also met her adoptive mother and father. They explained more to me about Soo’s mother. They said Soo’s mother left her when she was 16 days old and just disappeared. Soo is very bad with numbers.
Ethel: I had noticed that. That is why I have been hopeful that several from America are being stirred to go to Laos and work for God there. Perhaps they can help her with her project.
Max: That would be good. Soo is very determined and will do what God tells her to do. It would be good if someone could work beside her and help with the finances. She has much to learn.
Ethel: That reminds me. Is Soo learning more of the Bible’s teachings?
Max: Yes. The one who is also working on translating has been studying the Bible’s teachings with her. He has given her information about what Seventh-day Adventists believe. She doesn’t have very much to teach others, but she does what she can.
Max, will you now please sum up this work and add your comments…"in your own words?” Thank you, and may God bless you for going at your own expense to visit this far away corner of the world. I pray with you that our church in America, the Union in Singapore, the Thai Mission, and the church in Laos, will all work together to take the Good News to Laos. Ethel
“Ethel, I really encourage to S.D.A. people donate Bible and Hymnal books to Laos.
“When the time to send the money for the Bible in to the Laos, somebody should go because there are not many workers in there.
“Therefore we should support the disciple project, Korean church in Seoul will provide room, food and expenses in Korea but airline fee and salary about $150-200 dollar per person (because family in Laos), donate by in America.
“When donation is ready I deeply ask you and your husband should go make sure Bible hand to people in the Laos.”
March 2, 2005
Both Max and I have talked with Soo several times over the last few days. On Friday, February 25, I was impressed that Satan was still trying to stop the knowledge of God from going forward in Laos. I had received an e-mail that indicated some were urging others not to support Soo as she was being very “stubborn” about moving forward with printing the books. I was very impressed, and though quite physically ill, called Soo. She was discouraged because the STC books were already printed and no one would pay for them. I told her if she was willing to go to prison for the books, that we were willing to pay for them. I assured her the money would be put into her account that day, which it was.
The Steps to Christ are indeed printed and stacked in her sister’s house. Soo has given away 100 of them in the last week.
Soo thought she would have to return to Australia to work and earn money to pay for the books, but that two thousand dollar debt has been taken care of by generous donors. Soo did return to Australia on Wednesday of this week (March 2) and will now be applying for a visa to return to America. She does not know if or when she might be able to obtain such a visa, so I cannot yet schedule her to speak at any churches. Loren and I have invited her to stay with us in our humble home so we can teach her more of the Bible, help her to learn some basic computer skills, and coordinate any speaking schedules. Her English is still very poor, and several believe it would be very appropriate if I were to travel with Soo on her trips here in America. Please keep that in mind when considering scheduling Soo to speak at your church.
In Christ, Ethel Price


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