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Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2004 9:25 PM
Subject: Soo & the Angel Communicant Story

Dr. Samuel Koranteng-Pipim who serves as a member of the Adventists Affirm editorial board has been co-commissioned with Dr. Ron Du Preez to prepare a book on a wide range of contemporary issues today facing the SDA church. Chapter article submissions by various invited authors are to be completed by mid-January of 2005, with book publication to occur in March of 2005. I have been invited to a prepare a chapter article addressing the Soo & angel communicant story. The forthcoming book will inter alia address the proposed 28th Fundamental Belief which is to be voted on at the next GC session in St. Louis. Since this belief statement addresses issues such as prayer, angels, and spirituality a chapter on Soo's experience with an angel is deemed timely and of worthwhile interest to be included in the book.
As a person who does not enjoy wading into controversy, I pondered and prayed about this invitation last night. While so engaged, it came forcefully to my mind that there is no fence on this matter, viz. either these revelations are heaven sent or alternatively they are from the adversary of God and man, and it is genuinely important that we know which. As you may know, based upon the limited information that I've thus far been able to explore on this issue, I've already articulated some preliminary conclusions. Nonetheless, it is my purpose to exercise a humble spirit, prayerful attitude, and an open mind as I now proceed with this more in depth examination. I will therein seek to ensure that the views of both sides, i.e. Soo's "supporters" and detractors", are afforded with balanced and fair treatment. Playing the role of evaluator, I will need to carefully find and objectively examine the multiple lines of evidence, and arrive at a reasonable conclusion. 
I am hereby making a request that if you have any particular concerns or views to contribute on this matter, I would be most pleased to receive them ASAP. If I do elect to quote some or all of your submitted comments in the forthcoming article, I will protect your identity (i.e. you will not be identified by name). I also solicit your prayers that the Holy Spirit who is commissioned to lead us into all truth, will especially bless and guide me in this undertaking.   
May I thank you in advance for any contribution you may make,
Raymond Obomsawin
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