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Through the blessings of God, the Eden plan announced it has already acquired 50 British acres of farmland, about one and a half hour driving distance, in the north-west of Toronto International airport. This land has two ponds and one stream. It is 228m x 1001m. It is 493 meters above sea level, the highest point in Ontario. The land had been used to grow hay for cattle. No chemicals ever been applied. Since it is the source of brooks, the water is pollution free. This first phase project shall do organic farming. All fundamental machinery and heir loom organic seeds were also acquired and ready to proceed right after the closing of the deal, dated 13 April 2007. Eden project select organic farming to raise money for the multicultural gospel satellite TV project, because they believe natural phenomenon such as weather, rainfall, sunshine, insects, wind are the most favourable factors to receive Godís blessing. They have eliminated most human factors. The investment opportunity for this project is already closed. However, there are opening for volunteer workers to do farming and marketing and for charity organization acquiring food to feed children and poor. Please contact Michael at 905-625-9261 or email hitechgroup at rogers.com for information.

Eden plan expects shall have sufficient fund to proceed on the second phase project in a very short while. The second phase shall acquire 80 acres of commercial land for the building site of one hundred TV stations. These TV stations shall broadcast on HDTV format. It is only ten percent gospel, ninety percent commercial. They have opening for tenders to this project, from architectural design, construction management, satellite and internet providers, studio equipment suppliers, film suppliers, advertising agents, hotels, cafeteria, supermarkets, and etc. Please submit your proposal on above email address. Investment opportunity for this project is through confidential discussion only.

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