From: "Aaron Sen" <>
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Subject: Bibles to Africa
Date: July 17, 2004 5:33 AM

Hi guys,

    I have just returned from a 3 week evangelistic trip to Africa where I visited a village on the Kenya/Tanzania border called Kuria. As with all the villages we stayed at there was no running water or electricity or access to drinking water. They live in mud huts and most do not even use money, but rather barter. Those that do have money probably live on a few dollars a month.

    When we visited Kuria the pastor was telling me that his church members do not have Bibles and all 350 of them have to share 1 Bible!! They can read but they cannot afford $5 for a Bible. I lived with these people and I know they are genuine and I saw how hungry they were for more light. It struck me that here is a church that don't even have the most basic tool in the world required to follow their Saviour - a Bible. So I have sent this email to 79 of you in the hope that you might be able to donate money towards buying them Bibles.

    If everyone of us were to donate $22 US (approx ?3GBP) then we could afford to buy everyone a Bible ($5 Bible x 350 people = $1750 /80 donations = $21.88 each). If only half of us donate then at least they could have 1 Bible between two. I have a trusted contact in Kenya who can order and deliver the Bibles.

    If anyone is willing to donate more than that, there are other villlages that also need Bibles, and Kuria and other villages also need shelter. Presently when they meet for church they meet out in the open, so when it rains they sit or stand on the ground in the pouring rain. So if anyone has any ideas as to how to raise money for such projects please let me know.

    I wont take up any more of your time, so if you are able to donate (and I understand that not everyone can) please send a British cheque payable to Aaron Sen to:

Aaron Sen
29, Pembroke Road,
Muswell Hill, London N10 2HX.

    If you are in America you could send a US cheque to my Mum, and she will give me the money in 2 months when she is in Europe. Her details are,

Velina Flanigan.
3406 Leopard Place, Colorado. 80537.

    Thank you for your time,

    Love in His name,

    Aaron Sen.

Hi guys,

    As you know I just returned from Kisii, Kenya where an SDA brother, Samuel Asiago, has set up 29 Sabbath keeping churches since Jonathan's visit about 5 years ago. They believe the SoP etc. but really need some Bible study. They are definitely THE most responsive groups I have EVER talked to. Prove something from the Bible and answer all their questions and they WILL change. While I was there, Samuel also invited about 8 or 9 Sunday ministers from the area. The subject was Sabbath and by the end of the week 6 or 7 of them returned to their churches to inform them of the issue and switch to Saturday. Each church has approx. 300 members.

    They are very hungry to learn about prophecy and especially the Mark of the Beast. So if you have any tracts or Bible studies you can send them, please let us know. Preferably though, if you, or anyone you know would be willing to travel there for a couple of weeks at a time, perhaps once or twice a year, that would be great. Or even if you could only make one trip then that too would be greatly appreciated. You would need to pay for your flight and have about ?00 for transport to the churches. That's probably all you would need.

    I wont go into great detail here, but if anyone is interested please let me know and I'll fill you in on the details.

    Thanks and God bless,


Note from webmaster: Aaron Sen request donations from 79 persons only. However, if viewers want to help Africa, Please do not hesitate to participate. I believe Aaron can use the extra money on much other assistance to Africa. For your convenience, I can accept credit card donations for Aaron. You can send your credit card authorization to . Please specify Africa Gospel and the currency you want to use. If you could collect used Bibles, hymn, musical instruments, food, cloths, building materials, or other things to assist Africa, please do so. But I afraid the cost of shipping to Africa is high, and they do not have money to pay the tax as well. You can contact Aaron for more information at

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