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On the last Sabbath in February, we went to Scarborough Town Centre Cinema to distribute the Passion of Christ book marks. We were stopped by security at the door immediately. They suggested us to distribute them inside the cinema. We requested the cinema manager to allow us. He promised right away. Later on, a lady manager came out and stopped us again. She apologized for not letting us to distribute the bookmarks even though they have promised beforehand. Finally, we have made agreement that she would allow us to leave the bookmarks at the ticket booth, and let customers help themselves. Both sides were happy ending with this decision. We have done our errand without much effort. The cinema management does not want to make angry with the Christian group, because most of their customers were Christians. We have also got what we demanded as well.

Many churches chartered buses to take people to watch The Passion of the Christ movie. These people were very excited to accept our bookmarks. Many people demanded multiple copies to redistribute them. Although our target are not on Christians, but Christians would help us to spread more seeds.

On the following Sunday, we took more bookmarks to two cinemas on Highway 7 in Markham. They were very helpful. The manager instructed the girls to take care of the distribution for us. We regretted that we do not have enough to give away. We praise the Lord for His beautiful arrangement.

Since the end time has already arrived. Using movie to evangel is a very efficient tool. Movie investors realized the Christian groups have high consuming power as well. Extremely few religious type movies were shot previously. This barrier is already cleared. Ticket sale of this movie is record high, despite the criticism by some Christian groups. Critics believed that there will be more religious movies coming soon. It will bring billions of people to accept Jesus Christ as our saviour. Using movie to evangel could be the first step. Using web sites or fellowship to follow up could be second step. To be baptized by local churches are the third step. The new born will spread the new seeds again and again.

We have already successfully distributed worldwide our first 144,000 copies of bookmarks. These bookmarks have already gone to Canada, USA, Germany, China, Macao, Hong Kong, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and many countries that we do not have records. Our second 144,000 copy distribution has already launched. These book marks cost us three Canadian cents each. They were made with high quality real photo paper. We have to paid premium price on postage to ship them out as well. You can also download them from our websites, and do your own printing. Although we have distributed such a large number of book marks, we are still feeling our efforts are just like a drop of water in the ocean; on comparing to the world’s population of billions. If you wish to support this meaningful project, by all means, please do not hesitate to contact us.

God bless your ministry.

SDA Global

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