Dear Adventist,

SDA global is a self-sufficient organization operating by a group of imminent church members. Our aim is to use Internet to spread Gospel to the world using every language and dialect. It has already penetrated every corner of the world; especially the third world countries and Moslem society. Lounged since 1999, we have already exceeded one million visitors. It has several thousand hours of audio, video, and text for the hungry and thirst. Our signal is being relayed by over ten thousand proxy severs through out the world at no charge. Therefore, our operating cost is extremely low. Presently, we are hosting over ten sites, and shall target to host several hundred more. Below is a list of sites as is now available for public.

bullet is our index site.

bullet is a site using English language.

bullet is a site using Philippine language.

bullet is a site using Chinese traditional writing.

bullet is a site using Chinese simplified writing.

bullet is a special subject site using English language.

bullet is a church site of Kowloon church, Kowloon, Hong Kong

bullet is a church site of Tai Wu church, Tai Po, Hong Kong

bullet is a church site of Applecreek, Markham, Ontario, Canada.

bullet is a church site of Andrew University, Michigan, USA.

bullet is a site using education to spread Gospel.

bullet is a site using health to spread Gospel.

bullet is an alumni site to spread Gospel.

bullet is an alumni site to spread Gospel.

bullet is a classified advertising site to raise fund.

There will be more sites coming. If you are inspired by Holy Spirit and want to participate to spread Gospel, we shall assist you by all means.

Besides spreading Gospel through Internet, our organization has given away Bibles, literature, CDs, flyers, souvenirs, computers, etc. We have been exported these gift to China, Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Hong Kong, Malaysia, USA, England, and etc. Our main function does not cost us any money, however, giving away things as mentioned above cost us much more than our operating cost. We do not want to ask for your donations. Instead, we can provide you services in exchange of your support. For example, we are planning to print several million copies of high quality bookmark to be given out as souvenirs. In exchange of your support, we can advertise your business by printing a small line on this souvenir. We also have classified advertising column. We can promote your business in exchange of your support. For more information about how you can participate in this huge worldwide Gospel project, please email to or call 1-905-625-9261.
All prophecies are already fulfilled. Jesus second return is at the door. All faithful must participate or you would not get the pour of latter rain. We are suggesting the following methods you can participate.


Introduce our site and other people's site to others.


Browse our site, learn from it, and preach to people who do not have Internet access.


Submit content, such as photos, audio, videos, articles, in all fields, and in all languages. Such as sermons, evangelism, bible research, hobbies, education, health, science and etc.


Do translations typing, recording, photography and proof reading for us.


If you have a high speed Internet connection at home, we shall provide you knowledge on how to run a real server for us.


Donate Bibles, books, postage stamps, etc.


Donate your time to do follow up.


Run your own site, we can provide you with domain name service, disk space, and knowledge.


Distribute flyers and souvenirs for us. Our site contains press ready flyers and souvenirs. You can download, print and distribute them.


Sponsor our souvenir program. We use high quality real photo paper to manufacture them. They will be distributed worldwide.


Use our classified advertising column.


Give us suggestions, prayer and encouragement.

With all the signs, we understand the last day is extremely near. We should use our last opportunity before darkness comes. Do not hesitate.

May God bless all of you.

SDA Global.

PS: As on 10th March, 2003, we have already acquired enough paper to manufacture 144,000 copies of bookmark to be distributed worldwide for free. If you want to distribute in high volume for us, do not hesitate to contact us. We can manufacture them in your own language. For small volume distribution, you can download from our download column, and print out yourself.

SDA Global

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