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       1) A grand coalition of religion, politics and economy is in the offing. The May, June, 1992 issue of the American bimonthly journal Newswatch published an interview of Malachi Martin with news commentator J. P. McCarthy. Martin stated that the Vatican believed that pope John Paul II had the “moral authority” to help the nations of the world solve their problems. He foresaw the formation of a trade organization of global proportions established to control the economic recession. And the pope will be at the head of this organization.

       When Martin made this remark, The nineteen nations of the European Economic Community had already concluded a Free-Trade Association before the World Trade Organization was formed. The Americas also signed a North-American Free Trade Agreement in 1994. In the future they can easily merge into one global economic body. Michel Camdessus, the Director of the International Monetary Fund, is a Catholic. The July, 1997 issue of the National Catholic Register (NCR) stated that Camdessus believed in the redistribution of wealth, and that the "spiritual worth" of a nation decides its economic wealth. This remark by Camdessus clearly reflects the thinking of the pope. The same publication quotes Camdessus as saying that the IMF can decide the destiny of a nation in financial crisis. He states that the aim of the IMF is to rebuild the world after the Revelation model. He says that his task is to prepare the world for the coming new heavens and the new earth,

       1) Now the IMF and WTO are financial and trade organizations. What have they to do with religion and politics?

       Answer: Both organizations work under the direction of the pope. The March 13, 1998 issue of the NCR cited words from the pope's encyclical Populorum Progressio, stating that the heads of the nations of the world should realize their interdependence, and must forsake bloc politics. They must relinquish all forms of economic, military and political imperialism. Only thus can they change from mutual suspicion to good faith, otherwise there can be no hope for world peace.

       These words pave the way for a unified world government. Men have long dreamed of converting the United Nations to a one-world government. The Nov. 20,1997 issue of NCR says that in an encyclical issued in 1994, the pope told rich countries to prepare to celebrate the jubilee year 2000, by considerably reducing the debts of poorer nations. Thus, on the stage of world politics the pope utters many gracious words, dispensing the riches of wealthy nations with much generosity to the satisfaction of poorer nations, who should then gratefully support him as world leader of all religions.

       If the pope indeed desires to relieve the poverty of these debt-burdened nations, he could easily hand them some of the gold bars in his own treasury and be a bona fide philanthropist. For it is well known that the gold reserves of the Vatican are second only to those of the U.S. treasury. So even if she gave a few hundred tons of it to relieve the poorer nations, the church would hardly feel the loss.

       2) Do these events fulfill the prophecies in the book of Revelation?

       Answer: Yes. The monopoly capitalists have always dreamed of a worldeconomy of this kind, which would lay the economic foundation for a one-world government. It is reported that the Burroughs Corporation has provided hardware for a thousand banks on every continent to be linked together in one grand network, to prepare the way for fulfilling the prophecy of Rev. 13:17, so that "no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." The religious, political and economic conditions for this event will soon be complete.

       3) Is it true that the papacy ruled over Europe for many centuries, then lost its power in the French Revolution, and now strives to regain supremacy in the U.S?

       Answer: Yes. On Oct. 10, 1993, Catholic priest John A. Pericone published an article in the NCR entitled "How Can Catholics Reclaim America?" and initiated the "make America Catholic" movement. The use of "reclaim" in the title was misleading, for they never did have supremacy in the U.S. What he wants is to restore in America the supremacy the Roman Church lost in Europe. For Protestant influence has always been stronger in the U.S. But now the majority of Protestants no longer harbor ill feelings toward Catholics. Instead, they want to unite with Catholics to reach a common goal. This is a great advantage to Rome. Pope Leo XII once compared the relation of the church to the state as that of the soul to the body, and stated that America in crisis needed the Catholic church to restore her soul. So the only remedy is "Catholic action in society, politics and morals." They say that America should belong to the Catholics in the first place, since the continent was discovered by Catholic Christopher Columbus. That is not true, for he was a Jew, and because the pope persecuted Jews, Columbus accepted Catholicism under threat of extinction. European libraries still preserve his letters to other Jews, on which he wrote a secret Jewish sign in the left-hand corner.

       4) The Catholics are very ambitious, and it seems they can succeed, for their campaign is well planned and organized, and they are determined to reach their aim.

       Answer: The editorial of the May 1, 1994 NCR says, "The purpose of the Catholic Campaign for America is not only to lobby Congress, but also to change the thinking of the American public. . . .We must persuade the American people, though at present we have not yet convinced them all. The aim of the CCA is to mobilize all Catholic citizens to restore Catholic values to society, strengthen the influence of Catholic voters on government policy and arouse public attention to Catholic faiath and morals." A leader of the campaign said, "Now is the Catholic moment, as conditions are ripe, waiting for us to take this daring initiative." The March 20, 1995 issue of NCR carries an article under the title, "Public Catholicism," saying, "The CCA locomotive is going full steam ahead, with membership doubling every year and taking the Catholic faith out of the pews into public attention. Soon it will be a force no one can disregard." Thomas Wykes, Director of CCA, said, "Next year both parties in Congress will have to take the Catholic vote seriously." The May 3, 1998 issue cited the Jesuit publication the Ignatius Press in quoting the words of a leading priest, saying, "This fall the Catholic radio broadcast will spend $58.2 million, staying on the air 24 hours a day." to give the American public the best the Catholic church has to offer.

       5) I hear that the pope is going to make a public confession of the wicked things the church did in the Middle Ages. That is going to be something unusual!

       Answer: Yes. The Nov. 28, 1998 issue of the Dallas Morning News reported that the pope issued a Bull saying, "The Church should kneel before God and plead for the pardon for the sins her children committed in the past and present." . . . At present a group of theologians in the Vatican are making up a list of the sins of which the Church should repent in the year 2000. These sins include the Crusades of the Middle Ages, the Inquisition, and forcing people on the American continent to be baptized, and the failure of the Church to rebuke the crimes of Adolph Hitler.

       The murderer of more than 50 million martyrs in the Middle Ages is now turned into a humble penitent and laying down his butcher knife to assume the posture of a saint! It is exactly as Ellen White wrote in The Great Controversy, p. 571, "The Roman Church presents a fair front to the world, covering with apologies her record of horrible cruelties. She has clothed herself in Christ-like garments; but she is unchanged. . .

       "The papacy is just what prophecy declared she would be, the apostasy of the latter times. 2 Thess. 2:3,4. It is a part of her policy to assume the character which will best accomplish her purpose; but beneath the variable appearance of the chameleon she conceals the invariable venom of the serpent. 'Faith ought not to be kept with heretics, nor persons suspected of heresy' (Lenfant, vol. 1, p. 516), she declares. Shall this power, whose record for a thousand years is written in the blood of the saints, be now acknowledged as a part of the church of Christ?

       "It is not without reason that the claim has been put forth in Protestant countries that Catholicism differs less widely from Protestantism than in former times. There has been a change; but the change is not in the papacy. Catholicism indeed resembles much of Protestantism that now exists, because Protestantism has so greatly degenerated since the days of the Reformers."

       6) How can you say that the repentance of the pope is not sincere? After all, it is

        a nice gesture, and should not be rejected.

       Answer: The pope always boasts that "Rome never changes" and affirms his own infallibility. Hence his present "repentance" is simply a tactic to win America, an expedient move with world hegemony in view, not true repentance. As for confessing that he failed to reprove Hitler, the pope side-stepped the real issue. For Hitler's atrocities against the Jews were committed at the instigation of the Vatican. It is widely known that the Japanese troops that occupied Korea and China for many years, always took care to protect Catholic property, because the papacy supported the axis countries in their acts of aggression. Now the pope merely regrets he failed to reprove them. He is not telling the truth. A true penitent should not gloss over his crimes.

       7) In speaking of the signs of His coming, what particular sign did Jesus give, apart from general conditions in the world?

       Answer: When Jesus spoke of the signs of His coming in Matthew 24, He placed special emphasis on the appearance of false Christs and false prophets. False Christs are of two kinds. One kind claims to be Christ Himself. Another kind claims to be the personification of the leaders of all the world religions. But none of them fit the Bible prophecies of Christ’s second coming.

       False prophets are of many kinds, such as Li Hong-zhi, the Chinese leader of Falun gong, and the American Maitreya, astrologers, psychics and the Church of Satan, etc. One common trait of false Christs and false prophets is that they all deny the Bible as the word of God and set up another norm, such as depending on the “Chi”within one’s self or the occult powers in some other person. Isa. 8:19,20 says, "When they say to you, 'Seek those who are mediums and wizards, who whisper and mutter,' should not a people seek their God? Should they seek the dead on behalf of the living? To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them." Since the first clause tells people to seek their God, then the "law and testimony" in the second clause must be the law and the testimony of God.

       The three angels of Rev 14 proclaim a message for the last days; they are followed by another angel in Rev 18:1“having great authority,” issuing a last urgent warning.

       8) Please review the meaning of the three angels’ messages and then point out the similarities and differences of the message of the angel “having great authority.”

       Answer: The message of the first angel proclaims that (A) the time of God’s judgment has come, indicating the beginning of the investigative judgment in 1844. and (B) all must worship the Creator of heaven and earth, implying Sabbath observance.

       In 1844 not many people obeyed this dual message, the majority of the leaders and members of the churches rejected the new light. The second angel therefore proclaimed the fall of Babylon, referring to the churches that had fallen from God’s grace by willful disobedience. Rev 17:5 says of her: “Mystery, Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and of the abominations of the earth.” There is mother Babylon, and also Babylon the daughters. The mother is the Roman Church, the daughters are those that came out of her but failed to break away completely. They still observed Sunday in place of the true Sabbath. In 1844, when the Sabbath truth first came to them, most of them rejected and opposed it. That was the beginning of their fall. Now, 156 years later, another angel announces that Babylon “has become a habitation of demons, a prison for every foul spirit, and a cage for every unclean and hated bird.”

       9) How can we tell that mother Babylon is a habitation of demons, and in what way have her daughters become a prison for every foul spirit?

       Answer: This is manifest in the Marian apparitions in many parts of the world. In the 6th century they observed the Feast of the Dormition (falling asleep), but in 1950 Pius XII made August 15 the feast of the Assumption, declaring that Mary’s body was taken to heaven and reunited with her soul. In the Encyclopedia Britannica on the internet, under “Marian apparitions,” 108 apparitions are listed as witnessed in many parts of the world (China excluded), most of which happened in the 19th & 20th centuries. Of these, 20 cases are judged by the Vatican to be true, while others are still under investigation. Regardless of their being true or not, whenever they occur, thousands of Catholic pilgrims would flock to many places to see the miracles.

       All churches that refuse to obey the Ten Commandments are among the daughters of Babylon. Satan appears among them in a form they easily fall for—filling them with the “Holy Spirit.” 2 Cor 11:14 says, “And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light.” True believers must beware and hold to God’s word..

       10) To be filled with the Holy Spirit is a wonderful thing. But how can we tell the difference? The Holy Spirit causes people to speak in tongues, to heal the sick and cast out demons. Can we say that all who work these miracles are filled by the Holy Spirit?.

       Answer: Not always. Isa, 8:20 says, “To the law and to the testimony, if they speak not according to this, it is because there is no light in them.” Acts 5:32 says, that the Holy Spirit is given “to those who obey Him.” One who knows the Sabbath truth but refuses to obey it, the spirit that he receives cannot be the Holy Spirit. The church he leads could only be a daughter of Babylon. But the message of Rev 18:4 indicates that in the fallen churches there are still many of God’s people who are honest in heart and want to obey God, but have not heard the full Bible truth, and have not yet rejected the Sabbath. God calls them His people, and says to them,“Come out of her, My people, lest you share in her sins and lest you receive of her plagues,”

       In the opening of the 20th century.the “Pentecostal” movement started in the U.S and has swept over the globe, replace humble Bible study and obedience to God’s word with wild emotions and speaking in tongues. 1 Cor 12:30 says, "Do all speak with tongues?" These charismatic groups regard all who do not speak in tongues as people who are not spirit-filled, and flatter themselves as sanctified, because they possess the Holy Spirit, feeling no need to search the Scriptures. Thus they are deceived by Satan, who does not fear those who engage in empty talk on righteousness by faith. He only trembles when we diligently study the Bible and humbly put God’s word to practice.

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