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Narrated in English by Pastor Dwight K Nelson, translated in Mandarin

  1. Shall We Like Titanic?
  2. War in Heaven
  3. The Reasons of Human Extinction
  4. Get Safety From Tension
  5. The Truth about the Leopard spots
  6. Black Box of Darwin
  7. The Last Prayer of the Queen
  9. Recent Study of the Last Days of the World
  10. How Long Are We From the End?
  11. Truth of Death
  12. Theory of Hell of a Baseball Team Boss
  13. Judgement Time
  14. How to Avoid God's Judgement?
  15. When History Play Joke on Us
  16. Re-born
  17. Beauty and the Beast
  18. Time Is Short
  19. Last Emergency Call
  20. The Missing Prophecy of Nostradamus
  21. Truth of Broken Glass
  22. A Fur on the Wall
  23. False Prophets
  24. Secret of Economic Protection
  25. How to Overcome Satan
  26. New World Symphony: Return Home
  27. How to Make Close Relationship With God

We regret some titles are unable to compress for transmission, because of technical difficulties.

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